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Susana Spiegel


Susana Spiegel

Addiction Recovery Educator & Author, Content and SEO Expert

Susana is a recovery, mental health, and addiction education enthusiast with other 7 years of experience in addiction recovery herself. Susana is also a digital marketer with over 5 years of mastering the science behind Content Marketing and SEO for the healthcare and addiction treatment industry. Susana holds a Bachelor of Arts from GCU. She is anti-addiction stigma and believes that accurate and factual information is essential to beginning the recovery process.


childhood trauma and addiction

Childhood Trauma and Addiction

Childhood trauma and addiction are closely linked, with early life adversities often paving the way for substance abuse and behavioral addictions in later years.

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Getting a DUI in Phoenix

All of the information on this page has been reviewed and fact-checked by an addiction expert. Clinically Reviewed By: Karen Williams, LPC All of the

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