16-Hour DUI Class


DUI 16-Hour Class

For those that received a DUI charge in Arizona, The Grand Canyon State requires you to go through an alcohol assessment and, in turn, DUI classes in order to get your license back. Arizona courts and Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Division will need copies and records of your initial alcohol screening and the assigned class hours that you will need to complete based on this assessment. 

From there, you can begin your assigned classes, ranging from 8-hour classes to 56-hour classes all of which are in place to help you learn about substance abuse and put you in a good mindset and location to get treatment if that is the next step in your journey. 

If you have completed your initial alcohol intake screening and have been assigned a 16-hour class, you may be wondering what exactly you are in store for when the classes start. Let’s break this class down in a little more detail so you have a good idea of what you may be able to expect during your time. 

What Happens During a 16-Hour DUI Class?

After receiving a DUI, before clients can begin their classes, they will have to receive an initial intake assessment to determine the severity of their problem, assign class hours, and ultimately develop a treatment plan. These assessments will ask clients various questions about their background, family history, current situation, and more to get a better read on them as an individual and better evaluate their specific situation.

When it comes to DUI classes they are broken down by length, a 16-hour DUI class is one of the lowest length classes that people can be assigned. During these classes time is often split between education and treatment, however, during a 16-hour class, it is almost purely education with little treatment provided. 

While education specifics will vary depending on the treatment center and program that you attend, there are some constants that you can expect regardless of where you choose to go.

For example, Arizona statutes require that during these sessions, clients learn about the physiological effects of alcohol and drug use, alternatives to operating a car while intoxicated, the stages of substance abuse, alternatives to drug and alcohol use, and much more. 

Essentially, these classes will work as a building block for those who are looking to seek treatment following the classes but are still helpful as a reminder for someone who may be teetering on the edge of developing a substance abuse problem and help pull them back into reality. 

Once these education classes begin, the client has 8 weeks from the start to complete them. Following completion of the classes, a client’s knowledge will be tested in a written post-assessment to see what they have learned.

Are Online Classes Available?

If you are looking for help but can’t meet in person as often as you’d like due to professional or personal commitments, DUI classes can be taken online as long as there is a secure connection and the ability to verify a client’s identity.

Cornerstone’s 16-Hour DUI Class: AZ

Whether you have been assigned, 56-hour classes, 16-hour DUI classes, or just an 8-hour class, our team at Cornerstone Healing Center can help you ensure that the process is streamlined and as easy on you as possible. 

Whether you need in-person classes or would prefer online DUI classes, Cornerstone can help you with your specific situation. It is also worth noting that our team at Cornerstone works hand-in-hand with the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Motor Vehicle Division to ensure they are properly notified and get all the relevant documentation regarding your classes. Again, we want to make this process as simple as possible for you. 

As a drug and alcohol treatment center, we hope that anyone who comes into our program that needs help reaches out for it. Our team is ready to help all those who need it and can provide everything from DUI classes to a residential treatment program to an IOP and aftercare. If you need help, give our team a call today for a free consultation.

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