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We provide online DUI education tailored for Arizona residents, including comprehensive DUI classes, Alcohol Assessments, and DUI assessments, specially designed for individuals dealing with DUI charges.

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The 56 hour DUI education classes is the largest and densely packed online DUI class we offer. This class is often required for those with an extensive history of substance abuse, or for those who have had multiple convictions in the past. 

The idea is include as much information as possible to help educate you on the dangers of substance abuse, how to get help, and how to avoid driving under the influence! 

Our 56 Hour Online DUI class is:

  • Self-paced, making it convenient
  • Accessible through mobile and tablet devices
  • Low-cost and we will beat ANY competitors price by 10% 
  • MVD approved
  • We Are an Arizona Court Approved Provider!

What you will learn in our 56 Hour DUI Class

Level 2 & Level 1 Alcohol and Drug Awareness and Education

DUI Education ConceptsIn-Depth Definition
DUI Education OrientationAn orientation to the course, setting expectations and baseline knowledge.
The Possibility of ChangeExploration of personal habits and efforts to change them, including the psychology behind making changes.
The Stages of ChangeDetailed explanation of different stages in the process of changing behavior, including real-life examples and practical application.
Laws and ConsequencesIn-depth examination of DUI laws and the potential devastating consequences of violations, including personal and societal costs.
The Effects of Alcohol and DrugsComprehensive analysis of how alcohol and drugs affect the brain and body, debunking myths, and discussing related issues like risky driving behavior.
Patterns of Substance AbuseStudy of alcohol use disorder, self-assessment, and illustrative examples of problem use, with a focus on recognizing and understanding addiction patterns.
How Thoughts and Feelings Influence BehaviorInsight into the psychological aspects that contribute to behavior, understanding how emotions and thought patterns can influence choices, including substance abuse.

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56-hour online dui class faq

Question Answer
Why would I be Required to do a 56-hour DUI Class? In order to restore their driving privileges after a DUI conviction in Arizona, the judge will require the driver to take a DUI class and receive some type of substance abuse treatment. A DUI assessment by a licensed professional can determine the length and intensity they must be educated and treated. It is often the case that more serious DUI charges come with a higher requirement of DUI classes and substance abuse treatment.
Why should I choose Cornerstone for my DUI Education? At Cornerstone DUI, we’ve been approved by the Arizona Department of Health Services to provide DUI classes to those who are facing DUI charges. When you take Cornerstone DUI’s 56-hour DUI class, the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division and Arizona courts will recognize your results as proof of completion. We have helped individuals charged with DUI all around Arizona, including in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa. Because we’re an Arizona State-Certified DUI education provider, we ensure that all of our online DUI classes adhere to Arizona law and are approved by the Arizona Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Division for use in court. You can take your DUI class remotely, regardless of the time or your location.  Choose the required class, sign up, and get started right away!  You have a lot on your plate. Prioritize regaining control of all aspects of your life immediately. If you use our online platform, you’ll be back on the road in no time. During our self-paced DUI course, we keep track of your progress and allow you to come and leave as needed. You can do your work when convenient rather than when we require it.
How long after my assessment can I begin my class? Once you’ve completed an assessment, you can start immediately once the course has been paid for.  You will be able to access the course materials at any time, so that you can work on the material when it is convenient for you.
I got an assessment with a different company, can I still take your classes? It doesn’t matter where you’ve had a DUI assessment done; you can take online DUI courses with us. We do not require that you go through an additional assessment.  In some special cases such as an out-of-state DUI, we sometimes recommend redoing the screening, but it is not always necessary!
What type of technology or devices do I need to take the class? Our DUI education courses are accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile. As long as you’ve got internet connectivity, you can take your class!


Our DUI Specialists are here to explain the process the screening process, answer any questions you may have, and ensure you’re enrolling in the right courses to satisfy your DUI requirements.

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