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For those confronting DUI charges in Arizona, we prioritize providing Alcohol and DUI assessments as part of our online DUI education services. We’re here to help you! 

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Arizona requires that you undergo a DUI screening assessment if convicted of drunk driving. Cornerstone DUI provides a convenient online DUI screening assessment to those who are facing DUI charges in the State of Arizona. 

Our Online Screening Assessments are court-approved and we’ve helped hundreds of Arizona residents meet the requirements for their DUI charges.

Our screenings determine your DUI educational needs based off of a set of criteria. All therapists are licensed and registered in the state of Arizona.

The screenings are done utilizing an online meeting, but we can also set up in-person assessments at our Scottsdale facility.


Identify Potential IssuesDUI assessments can help identify any potential alcohol or substance abuse issues that may need addressing.
EducationalThe assessment process can provide education about the effects and risks of alcohol and drug use.
Court RequirementsCompleting a DUI assessment can fulfill court-ordered requirements and could potentially result in lesser penalties.
Preventative MeasuresDUI assessments can serve as a wake-up call and inspire individuals to make changes that prevent future DUI incidents.


By submitting this form, you consent to our staff contacting you via telephone or email.

DUI Screening Assessment
Frequently Asked Questions

DUI Assessment Information
How Long Does a DUI Assessment Take? A DUI assessment can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Our therapists usually spend about 15-30 minutes on each assessment, going through a list of very specific questions.
What questions will I be asked in a DUI Screening assessment? The primary focus of a DUI assessment is to get a solid understanding of your substance use and the consequences that have come along with the usage. Please expect to be asked questions about the substance(s) you use, how long you’ve used the substance(s), how often you use it, and the consequences you’ve had because of your use. You will also be asked about the nature of the DUI charges against you currently. While this might be uncomfortable, please know that all communications are confidential, and this is done to help determine how many hours of DUI education is necessary.
What Should I Bring to a DUI Assessment? Bring a paper and pen to jot down notes if you’d like, other than that, just be prepared to answer questions and try to find a quiet place to meet with our assessment therapist.
How Much is a DUI assessment? We will beat any competitor by 10% guaranteed, call now to get updated pricing.
Can I Do My Assessment in Person? If you are uncomfortable using Zoom for the DUI assessment, you can also opt to come into our Scottsdale treatment center and meet with a therapist.
Can I Refuse a DUI Assessment? You may have the right to withdraw from or refuse to answer questions during a DUI evaluation. You can also request a second opinion from another evaluator or reject the results of the evaluation. However, doing so could harm your eligibility for diversion programs and negatively affect your DUI sentence or probation opportunities. To make an informed decision, you should talk to a legal professional beforehand to understand all possible consequences.

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