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Learn more about the United Medical Resources and how to navigate finding treatment for addiction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to finding out just how much treatment your health insurance plan will cover, it’s not always very clear. 

The reality is that your health insurance plan coverage for treatment will have a variety of factors that come into play. 

You can utilize our free addiction treatment insurance verification if you want the real, concrete numbers of what your health insurance will cover.

Our admissions specialist can go through the numbers with you and give you a greater understanding of what to expect. 

Yes, there are restrictions on what type of programs are covered by health insurance regarding addiction treatment.

Generally, the plan must cover medically necessary services in an inpatient or outpatient setting, and a qualified provider must provide the services.

Additionally, it’s often that certain standards must be met, like JCAHO accreditation. 

Yes, family therapy and group counseling coverage are included in the cost of a plan that covers addiction services.

A health insurance deductible is the amount of money that a person must pay for medical expenses before their health insurance policy will begin to cover the remaining cost. Deductibles vary depending on the individual’s plan, but typically range from $100-$5,000 in annual out-of-pocket costs.

An out of pocket max is the maximum amount you are required to pay for covered health care services in a given year. This includes deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments (but not premiums). Once you have met your out of pocket max for the calendar year, your health insurance company will cover all remaining eligible costs at 100%.

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If you are dealing with an addiction and don’t have health insurance, don’t worry; options are still available.

Depending on your financial situation, free or sliding fee scale rehab centers may be available to you. You can also look into applying for financial assistance from state organizations, community groups, or charities dedicated to helping those facing addiction receive the treatment they need.

With patience and diligence, you can find a rehab center that fits your needs and budget—so don’t give up! Don’t let a lack of health insurance prevent you from getting the help you need; there is hope for recovery!

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