How Do I Get Out of a DUI In Arizona?

All of the information on this page has been reviewed and fact-checked by an addiction expert.

All of the information on this page has been reviewed and fact-checked by an addiction expert.

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How People Find Themselves Getting a DUI

Any officer can test you for alcohol or any other intoxicant while you are driving on the road. In fact, when you get your license in the state of Arizona, you agree to be tested for blood alcohol or drug content (BADC); termed the Implied Consent Law, it is applicable to everyone who has a driving license in Arizona.

If your blood alcohol concentration exceeds 0.08 percent, you are liable to be charged with a DUI penalty. The punishments vary depending on the offense; someone who has been charged for the first time receives a less severe punishment in comparison to a second time or a habitual offender.

There are different classes for different offenders, which vary depending on the frequency of the offense and the blood alcohol concentration. If you want to know how to get out of a DUI in Arizona, you first need to understand how the law works.

Is it possible to get out of a DUI in Arizona?

In Arizona, getting a DUI charge dismissed is not easy. However, there are certain circumstances in which you can get out of a DUI charge. But first, let’s look at the types of DUI offenses that you can get in the state of Arizona.

  • First time DUI in Arizona offense
  • First-time extreme DUI offense
  • Second-time or habitual DUI offense
  • Second-time or habitual extreme DUI Offense

The laws in Arizona make it really harder to get a DUI charge dropped. Still, if you have the right representation and the right attorney, you might actually get out of a DUI case unscathed. A lack of evidence automatically gets you acquitted without a charge.

So, if you can somehow make the evidence disappear or prove it to be insufficient or faulty, you can get your DUI charge dropped without any conviction or penalties. However, it is extremely rare and not possible in cases where there is ample evidence.

In such cases, it is better to get your DUI charge reduced to a misdemeanor charge. But again, in Arizona, you cannot get a DUI charge reduced unless there is insufficient evidence, which is why the type of legal team you hire is of the utmost importance.

What Types of First DUI offenses Can You Get in Arizona?

The first DUI offense in Arizona is divided into two categories, which vary depending on your blood alcohol concentration.

First DUI Offense

The first time your blood alcohol concentration test returns with a higher concentration than 0.08 percent, you will get a DUI conviction, which will stay on your record permanently.

On top of this, the first DUI offense that you get in the state of Arizona can land you in a prison for no less than 10 days.

The fine that you will be given will be north of $1,250. Along with these penalties, the offender is also required to take a DUI course with the vehicle being equipped with a certified ignition interlock device.

First Extreme DUI Offense

An extreme DUI offense is when your blood alcohol concentration level exceeds 0.15 percent. In case of an extreme DUI conviction, the offender is jailed for no less than 30 days and fined an amount north of $2,500.

The DUI course is also compulsory for anyone convicted of an extreme DUI offense. The vehicle being used by the offender also needs to be equipped with a certified ignition interlock device.

An ignition interlock device is a device that is attached to the ignition of an offender’s car. The device tests for alcohol content, and the offender is required to breathe into it before he or she can get the engine to start.

The first DUI offense that you get can stay on your record permanently and can hamper your professional career. However, the world doesn’t end here; things can get much worse if you’re convicted a second time DUI offense Arizona.

What is Second Offense DUIs in Arizona?

The penalties for second-time DUI offenders or people DUIs are almost the same unless a person commits an aggravated DUI, which can result in serious repercussions, making things worse.

Second-time or habitual offender

The second time you are caught driving under the influence of an intoxicant, the severity of the punishment increases significantly. You get your driver’s license revoked for a year and get jailed for more than 3 months. The fine also significantly increases, with the lower limit being $3,000. A DUI course is again necessary; you will also be required to perform community service, and equip your vehicle with a certified ignition interlock device.

Second-time or habitual extreme offender

The second time you get an extreme DUI offense, you will be jailed for over 4 months and fined north of $3,250 while getting your driver’s license revoked for a year. The DUI course, community service, and vehicle ignition interlock device are also necessary for second-time extreme offenders.

What is an Aggravated DUI in Arizona?

An aggravated DUI results when someone commits a third DUI within 84 months, have someone younger than 15 years in the car while the DUI is being committed, commits a DUI while their license is suspended, or refuses to submit their blood alcohol tests while having an ignition interlock device installed in their car, among other reasons.

It is the severest form of a DUI offense that anyone can get. Aggravated DUI can land the offender in prison for up to two years, along with other penalties that might be decided by the law.

The offender will also need to take a DUI course, undertake community service, and get a certified ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle while getting their licenses revoked for 12 months.

Can I Get Out of a DUI in Arizona?

Getting out of a DUI in Arizona can certainly be difficult, especially if the evidence is stacked against you. But most importantly, it’s critical to identify and resolve the underlying problem that has led you to a DUI charge. 

Let’s go over a few ways that you can help your situation in the event of a DUI charge. 

Comply with orders

Complying with the orders of the court is an absolute must. If you get a DUI, you need to make sure that you comply with all the orders and take everything seriously without neglecting anything ordered by the judges.

Take DUI classes

Going to DUI classes is a must for anyone battling a habit of driving under influence. There are several online schools and centers that provide DUI classes.

Cornerstone Healing Center is one of the best providers of online DUI classes in Arizona; you can take the DUI courses at Cornerstone with complete ease and increase your chances of getting out of a DUI.

Consider Substance abuse treatment

It isn’t a necessity for everyone, but if you’ve been caught driving under influence, you can always resort to substance abuse treatment to help yourself address the underlying issue that has led you to drink and drive. 

Let us help you start your journey to recovery.

Get compassionate evidence- based and trauma focused substance abuse treatment in Arizona.

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