Residential treatment is a form of addiction treatment in which the client lives in the facility during their treatment. There, patients are empowered with tools to prepare them for everyday challenges. Such tools include:

You might have heard of this term and wondered what it’s about and how to get the best substance abuse treatment. You need not wonder anymore. This blog post promises to be everything you need about residential treatment.

What Is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment is also known as inpatient rehab,  is one of the best types of substance abuse treatment out there, where patients are housed in the rehabilitation center. At the Cornerstone Healing Center, it’s one program with the highest level of care, where clients go through several different evidence-based treatments and therapeutic interventions while living at the residential rehab facility. Residential treatment offers safe, stable inpatient care to begin the journey towards recovery. Residential treatment usually includes:

Benefits Of A Residential Treatment Program

Having access to an increased level of care under the residential treatment programs comes with great benefits and has been found to give better results. These are some benefits an inpatient rehab program can offer:

  1. Access To A Reliable Network: Being among others experiencing similar challenges helps one discover that they are not alone. Therefore, it is a more supportive and nurturing environment that enables individuals to express themselves more openly and honestly. These relationships built in rehab are pivotal in how clients navigate their relationships outside of treatment. 
  2. Comfortable Setting: A rehab facility is built to make patients comfortable and eliminate the fear associated with vulnerability during treatment. At Cornerstone, we understand that each individual navigates the process of healing at different paces; therefore, our residential treatment will never pressure an individual to accomplish something when they are not ready. Instead, residential rehab helps to nurture one’s needs by offering more support and resources to help them navigate challenging situations within themselves.
  3. Expanding the Recovery Toolbox: Residential drug rehab provides various approaches to help individuals explore themselves and what speaks to them. Therefore, when they enter back into their everyday lives, they will have a strong grasp of what helps them and what triggers them.

How To Get Residential Treatment In Scottsdale?

Considering how important this program can be to the future of the patients in navigating life and living, here are some useful tips on evaluating treatment programs.

Tips For Evaluating Residential Treatment Programs

How Long is Treatment?

Inpatient or residential treatment centers offer a 30-90 days program. With this option, patients stay in our comfortable, home-like facility while their treatments last. After the initial treatment ends, the patient and treatment team will determine if there’s a need for additional services. These services may include outpatient treatment or individual therapy.

What To Expect in a Residential Substance Abuse Treatment?

Deciding to look into residential treatment facilities can open a pathway to long-term recovery. Unfortunately, this decision can be scary. Especially when you don’t know what it entails. Not knowing what to expect can be enough to keep you out of the treatment you so desperately need. Here’s what to expect in a residential treatment center:

Is Residential a Good Fit for You?

Patients can consider residential treatment when and if one or more of the following are experienced:

Moving to a residential treatment center, what do I need to bring along? Patients can come with the following: 

About Cornerstone Healing Center

Cornerstone Healing Center provides an array of residential treatment options for individuals and their families committed to overcoming addiction and other mental health challenges.

Cornerstone Healing Center is among the nation’s most recommended addiction treatment centers. Led by some of the country’s leading addiction specialists, and has built an international reputation for innovative addiction treatment and exceptional service. Whether an individual requires drug or alcohol detox, residential drug rehab, outpatient treatment, extended care, or a sober living environment, Cornerstone has been a treatment center of choice in Scottsdale, Arizona. Through our programs, we are committed to delivering evidence-based, clinically sophisticated treatment that promotes permanent lifestyle change, not only for the patient but for the entire family network. 

Find the Help You Need Today

Choosing care in a residential treatment program allows one to have peace of mind, individual attention, and the required support needed for such a phase in life. More importantly, the choice of a rehabilitation center and treatment programs can make a lot of difference in the healing process. 

This is why enrolling in the right program tailored to your needs is important. Also, being treated by qualified coaches makes all the difference on this journey to total healing. In case you are struggling with this decision, this blog is the answer to all of your questions. Want to talk to an expert call (888)-202-7251 or check out other programs available. 

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