I GOT A DUI: WHAT DO I DO? If you recently got a DUI in Arizona and are wondering what comes next, you should expect mandatory DUI screenings as it is the first step in restitution. At a DUI screening, a behavioral health expert will talk with you about your situation to determine the number of hours that will be required of you to complete your case. Many times you are advised to take DUI classes by your lawyer as this is in your best interest. Reading this far, I believe that you are here for nothing but on how to take DUI classes in Arizona. If you are asking, ” can I take DUI classes online in Arizona?” Or “where can I take DUI classes in Arizona?” This blog post is written just for you.

DUI Classes In Arizona

DUI classes are short programs designed to highlight the dangers of driving under the influence. These classes differ from state to state with varying duration allowed for the said program. There are two ways to take DUI classes in AZ: in-person or physical classes and online classes. 

In-Person DUI Classes

Many DUI Classes are offered in person, and deciding whether to take these versus taking your DUI class online depends on your preferences. For in-person classes, there are some pros and cons, such as:



Online DUI Classes

Online DUI Classes also have benefits and pitfalls, depending on your preferences. These include:



Where To Take DUI Classes In AZ?

There are a lot of places to take a DUI class but there’s only one place where you are assured of getting 100% quality coaching and help. At Cornerstone Healing Center Scottsdale, Arizona, DUI online classes are offered to those who are court-ordered to take them. 

Losing your license can make it difficult to attend classes if you’re unable to find reliable transportation. Having a resource that allows you to take care of your DUI and learn from your mistakes will make the process much less stressful. Every person deserves to move on from difficult times without barriers. 

Cornerstone Healing Center provide a service that allows DUI courses to be accessible to our clients by working hand in hand with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division. Being licensed by the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles and the Arizona Department of Health Services, you are guaranteed of top quality coaching. The program is staffed by professionals and fully accredited. If you’d like to learn more about our DUI program or are interested in other treatment services for you or your loved one, call us today.

What To Expect In A DUI class?

More than anything else, a DUI class is expected to help you know the dangers of driving under influence and how to avoid such actions. Beyond that, you can expect to learn the following:

  1. Better Decision making

Driving under influence was a bad decision in itself and these classes help to know how you can do better next time. They equip you with skills for better decision-making and emphasize the importance of creating better life decisions generally. 

  1. How To Identify Your Triggers:

During the DUI classes, you will be assisted to determine what your triggers are and the possible reasons why they influence you. Having done this, you will be equipped with useful tips to identify the triggers and how to overcome them.

  1. Severity Of Future DUI Offenses:

In DUI classes, emphasis is laid on how severe future offenses might be especially ones that lead to the death of another( you can be charged for murder). DUI classes will always teach you the dangers of driving under influence, especially to your life and safety, and others. Students are asked to shared their experiences about loved ones lost to drunk drivers and how that singular act altered their lives forever. 

  1. How to Drink Responsibly

DUI classes are meant to teach you how to control or stop your DUI tendencies. While this is the goal, it has been found that teaching students how to drink responsibly helps them identify the proper way to engage in alcohol usage. Because regardless of these lessons, people will often use alcohol now and then. Therefore, students are lectured on how to drink responsibly. 

Make a Choice that is Right for You

 DUI classes exist to educate offenders about the severe and long-term consequences of DUI, so they are equipped with skills for better decision-making and their overall improvement. Looking for where to take a DUI class in AZ? Cornerstone Healing Center offers the best classes. 

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