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Pursuing Your Long-Term Happiness

As you work through the process of self-improvement, you’ll use different sources of inspiration to keep you going. When recovery gets especially challenging, one of the most grounding practices to remember is to focus on your long-term goals. Of course, you’ll spend a good amount of your time working on improving your immediate circumstances, especially throughout the early stages of your recovery. Sometimes, however, you’ll need to draw from a deeper wellspring of motivation, and when that need arises, building and following a plan for your future can keep you moving forward in the face of any obstacle.

Goals Keep You Grounded

We tend to achieve our highest potential when we feel that our actions are making a difference. While you likely have short-term goals like staying sober, paying rent, or reconciling a damaged relationship, it’s worth setting your sights on what the future may have in store for you as well. The knowledge that you’re working towards your ultimate goals can buoy your efforts in times of stress and keep you focused even if your short-term challenges don’t go the way you plan.

The more clear-cut your goals, the more motivation you’ll feel in pursuing them. Take the time to write out a detailed description of the circumstances you’d like to find yourself in one, five, or ten years down the line. Make it specific. If you’ve always wanted to move to a particular city, include it. If you dream of a specific career path, include it. Paint a vivid image of the life you want to live, internalize it, and keep it nearby so you can continuously refresh your inspiration by remembering what you’re working towards. 

Accountability and Focus

Once you’ve chosen your long-term goals, it can help to share them with people who support you. Your close friends, family, peers in sobriety, sponsor, therapist, or recovery professionals can all keep you on track. Once you tell them about your plans, the people who care for you can help celebrate your every victory, encourage you throughout your losses, and hold you accountable if they see you making decisions that run counter to your aspirations.

Perhaps most importantly, setting your goals outside the confines of your mind will force you to reckon with their existence. It can be easy to write off your future while focusing on the present; having a physical document that reminds you of your trajectory can keep you focused on working towards it every day. Progress is made up of many small steps forward, and having that reminder can help you take those steps.

Take Control of Your Future

The process of setting your goals goes beyond what you’d like to achieve — it plays a part in defining how you see yourself. Amid the myriad of aspirations and shortcomings you may contain, you may find your self-perception defined by your present circumstances. When you take the stand to declare your future, you regain control over your life narrative and assign yourself the beginnings of a powerful new identity. Accepting that you are a person who’s working towards a particular career, relationship, or life goal will instill within you the sense of clarity of purpose you need to work towards it with determination and persistence.

Identity can be an essential factor in your progress, especially if you’re working to overcome addiction and build a new life in recovery. As you leave behind the parts of yourself that no longer serve you, it can be beneficial to create your new self-image out of positive goals and active ideals you wish to embody. Setting these ideals as the foundation of your new approach to life can help you embrace a fresh perspective and make those changes a reality.

The Power of a Positive Environment

While your internal motivation may dwell in your mind, it’s a part of you that can be dramatically influenced by the people around you, for better and for worse. No matter how stoic or self-determined you are, we are all social creatures that respond to our environment. As you shape your approach to self-improvement, make sure to consider the impact of the beneficial — or not-so-beneficial — influences that may surround you. 

One of the greatest favors you can do for yourself is to seek an environment that will stimulate the attributes you wish to encourage and help you overcome the personality traits you may wish to curb. If you or a loved one are battling addiction or seeking to better yourself, professional support can make a world of difference by providing the push to make powerful changes and become the person you wish to be. 

Throughout the process of overcoming addiction, it can help to meet your obstacles with the inner fortitude that comes from knowing you’re on a personal path to success. At Cornerstone Healing Center, we know that recovery is more than treating a list of symptoms. To achieve your potential as a human being, avail yourself of resources that address your innermost needs and lead you towards fulfillment. Our down-to-earth facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, is designed to provide a nurturing and educational environment for you to work through your obstacles and develop a long-term plan for health and happiness. If you’re struggling with addiction, mental stability, or personal development, take a step towards growth by surrounding yourself with the supportive peers and compassionate staff you’ll meet at Cornerstone. Our experts are ready to help you transition into the next chapter of your life. Make positive changes that stick. Call (800) 643-2108 to learn more.

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