Continuing Care Support for Long-Term Addiction Recovery

Continuing Care for Long-Term Recovery

It’s not the end of the journey for clients who complete our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Cornerstone Healing Center is the best place for long term addiction treatment because we provide our clients with all the resources they need to stay free of the cycle of addiction, maintain sobriety, and avoid relapse.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, relapse rates for substance abuse are as high as 60 percent. Relapse can be dangerous and life-threatening, many times resulting in overdose.

As well, after addiction treatment, successful re-entry into work, home and community can present challenges. Supportive continuing care services help clients transition from treatment back to the real world. The services we refer clients to include:

Each client at Cornerstone Healing Center is assigned to a Navigator who can offer continued weekly support after treatment, if the client wishes. We also have a wide-ranging referral network of continued support services for each client to access based on their unique needs.

Benefits of Continuing Care

Mastering any new discipline and reaching goals is easier with continued accountability and coaching. Continuing care services help those in addiction recovery to create healthy structure and routines that promote a lifestyle free from active addiction.

Continuing care is also beneficial for those from our Professionals program who must maintain licensure requirements. Continuing care helps professionals stay fit for practice, so they can continue to earn a living, protect their safety and the safety of others, and to live a healthy lifestyle.

Here are other benefits of continuing care.

  • Smooth transition back to “normal and productive” life. For clients who have been in daily treatment for months, completely overhauling their schedule can be overwhelming. Continuing care provides a gradual transition for handling tasks like work, school or family responsibilities.
  • Ongoing professional support. New issues pop up in everyone’s life. Recovering addicts can talk with a therapist about what they’re going through and get personalized recommendations for coping.
  • Working towards the best version of self. Dealing with ingrained issues like a history of trauma requires long-term work. Goal achievement doesn’t have to stop once clients complete addiction treatment. Clients who want to continue to make gains personally and professionally and solidify their recovery benefit greatly from continuing care.

Each continuing care provider we work with is professional and highly recommended. Wherever a client is in treatment, there are options to make a smooth transition to the next step of long-term recovery.

Break Free from the Cycle of Addiction – for Good

Sobriety is a lifelong endeavor. Avoiding temptations, building positive relationships and cultivating healthy life-skills are essential for a healthy life now and in the future. Our continuing care services help clients stay on track to successfully re-enter society, avoid relapse and live their best lives.

If you want to get help for a loved one or for yourself for addiction, Cornerstone Healing Center Scottsdale facilities can help. Learn about all our addiction treatment programs. Click Live Chat or call 1-800-480-1781 for a free confidential conversation with one of our caring Scottsdale treatment team members.


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