Navigator Program For Recovering Addicts

Navigator Program

At Cornerstone Healing Center, clients are assigned a Navigator, otherwise called Recovery Coaches or Case Managers, they give the necessary backing to individuals entering and navigating the beginnings of recovery. Navigators provide needed accountability, responsibility, hope, guidance and experience. We help the individual actualize the skills they’ve learned in treatment and make them into daily habits in their lives. Navigator help the client recognize their potential. We help clients meet objectives and set goals to accomplish their aspirations and develop and maintain a life of recovery. Navigation can be set up to meet the individual’s specific needs and goals.


Clients participating in the Navigator Program can expect to see an amazing improvement in their first year of recovery as they begin to set their short and long-term goals for life, vocational and recovery. Our Navigators are skilled and most in recovery themselves, they can convey practical guidance to the client in a one-on-one setting that helps the client improve their life skills. As they learn new skills they are then able to take responsibility for the relationships in their lives. As a result, families, loved ones, close friends begin to benefit from Navigator as well.



Those Who Should Consider Navigation

  • People in early recovery who want to make this the last time they go to treatment and get sober
  • Those who need safe entry as they transition between different levels of care in treatment and beyond treatment.
  • Individuals who have struggled with chronic relapse and need more support through their first year of recovery.

Break Free from the Cycle of Addiction – for Good and Forever

Cornerstone Healing Center was founded by a team with first-hand experience with addiction recovery. By overlapping science with spirituality, we create an environment where a seemingly miraculous healing event, sufficient to overcome addiction, can happen in a short amount of time.

Addiction affects more than the body – it penetrates every area of life, including mental health and spirituality. We provide our clients  the help they need to live the best versions of themselves.

Call our confidential toll-free number now for help for you or a loved one. Reach us at 1-800-480-1781, or click Live Chat to speak with one of our caring team members now.


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