A Look at Drunk Driving Statistics and Prevention

Drunk driving is a big problem in the US, causing 30 deaths per day. The number of alcohol-related driving fatalities is increasing each year. This article explores solutions to prevent this trend.

The Double Edged Sword of Recovery Influencers

Recovery influencers do more than share stories; they build connections and fight stigmas on social media. This article examines the complexity of recovery influencer’s relationship with their followers, examining how their actions can ripple through the community, affecting trust and shaping the general view of the recovery journey.     What Recovery Influencers Bring to […]

Portugal Drug Policy Faces Scrutiny Amid Rising Concerns

portugal drug policies

The nation is grappling with emerging challenges two decades after Portugal revolutionized its approach to drug policy, pioneering a decriminalization model that inspired similar efforts globally. Though the Portuguese model reduced HIV transmission rates, overdose deaths, and prison populations, urban centers like Porto now witness an alarming resurgence of visible drug use and related criminal […]

1 in 10 Americans Have Lost a Loved One to Drug Overdose

In a country celebrated for its achievements, a harrowing statistic casts a dark shadow: Nearly 1 in 10 American adults have experienced the indescribable pain of losing a family member to a drug overdose. That’s more than the population of New York City alone grappling with such devastating grief. As the epidemic spirals, it’s crucial […]

Biden Administration Invests $450M towards Overdose Epidemic

the white house opioid epidemic

The Biden Administration has committed a considerable sum of $450 million to combat America’s overdose crisis, a significant step forward. This commitment is not just about money; it is a powerful declaration to tackle one of the most significant health issues in the United States. Dive in as we unpack this game-changing move and explore […]

Celebrating National Recovery Month: A Beacon of Support, Healing, and Hope

September is National Recovery Month, a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience that individuals battling substance use disorders possess. With the tagline “Every Person, Every Family, Every Community,” this month emphasizes the transformative power of treatment and highlights that recovery is possible for everyone. In this article, we cover the background and objectives of […]

Media’s Normalization of Alcoholism in Women

Have you ever considered how real-life struggles can be turned into jokes on your favorite TV show? It’s concerning when a woman battling Alcoholism is portrayed as a comedic character seeking compassion from a world that only laughs. This media portrayal can desensitize society to the genuine pain and struggles of Alcoholism in women. Despite […]

Is Drinking Kombucha in Recovery OK?

is it ok to drink kombucha in recovery

Is It Safe to Drink Kombucha in Recovery? Kombucha, a fermented tea beverage, has soared in popularity for its purported health benefits, from aiding digestion to acting as an antioxidant source. However, if you’re in recovery from alcoholism, you might wonder whether this drink is safe for you. The truth is, the answer is different […]