What to Expect at a DUI Screening

This content has been reviewed and fact-checked by a certified addiction therapist.

This content has been reviewed and fact-checked by a certified addiction therapist.

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What is a DUI screening? What should you expect? DUI screenings can be pretty nerve-wracking when you have more questions than answers. 

Knowing the process of DUI screening assessment and being prepared beforehand helps ease anxiety.

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What is a DUI Screening Assessment?

In many states of the US, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is considered a severe felony. 

The penalty for the offense is usually finalized after testing, and a screening assessment takes place.

At the time of the offense, an officer will likely ask you to blow into a Breathalyzer that will indicate your blood alcohol level. 

The federal limit is at 0.08%, so any number above that will count as a misdemeanor or felony.

However, the decision is also dependent on your Screening Assessment. 

This procedure is carried out by an alcohol counselor who asks you a series of questions regarding your drinking habits. 

They might ask about your medical background, drug and alcohol use, and attitudes toward drugs.

The reason the court ordered these assessments are to find out if:

  • You have a drug or alcohol addiction.
  • If you have co-occurring disorders (mental disorders).
  • How severe your substance abuse is.
  • The impact of drug use on your life.
  • Have a foundation to order an addiction treatment plan.

In most of these assessments, the counselor develops a treatment plan and educates the individual on the dangers of driving under the influence.

You will only be obligated to follow a treatment plan if the court has ordered it, which is usually 16 hours for first-time offenders.

Screening assessments are mandated by the court and can get you out of longer sentences. The court tends to declare a punishment only after receiving the assessment results.

It is ideal for getting an assessment done before a court order since it can help decrease the sentence.

It will show responsibility on your end and lower your driving license suspension from 60 days to 30 days. It might even help in reducing jail time.

Where Does A DUI Screening Assessment Take Place?

Where you take a DUI screening assessment depends on the state where you received the DUI charge. 

In Arizona, DUI screenings must be done face-to-face, including virtual meetings like Zoom. 

In other states, the screening must be done in person, but as mentioned before, this varies. 

At Cornerstone DUI, all of our screening assessments are done with a licensed counselor via Zoom. 

How Long Does A DUI Evaluation Take?

DUI screening evaluations normally are completed within 15-45 minutes, depending on the charge you received and your history of drinking or using substances. 

The counselor will try to reach the root cause of your problem, determine what type of drinker or user you are, and provide you with resources to get help for addiction if deemed necessary.

It is essential to understand that you are more open and honest during these sessions to ensure the counselor can help you. 

But what takes priority is that if you are suffering from a substance abuse disorder, you should receive the help you deserve.

Are DUI Screenings Expensive?

There are a lot of potential expenses that come along with getting a DUI charge. Law requires you to get many tests, including urine and drugs, to prove your one-time mistake to the court. 

Generally, a DUI screening test is not that expensive. In fact, at Cornerstone DUI, we have a competitive price at a 10% lower rate than the market. 

We guarantee this because we will give you 10% off any competitor. For current updates on the pricing of these tests, feel free to call us directly.

Our compassionate team at Cornerstone understands the struggles of fulfilling legal and court fees. 

They tend to be heavy on the pockets and add up quickly. 

To ease our clients, we have structured our programs to be the most cost-effective, so there is at least one less bill to worry about.

Will I Get Drug Tested at a DUI screening? 

Cornerstone does not drug test during a DUI screening. However, in some states, it may be totally possible that you are tested. 

You might be drug tested if you are seeing a counselor in office. 

Get a DUI Screening in Arizona

Cornerstone DUI is committed to helping you through your DUI process. Are you ready to get your license back after a DUI? 

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We offer Arizona DUI Services such as Screenings and Online DUI classes

We work directly with the MVD and courts to help you meet the requirements you need to meet! 

Let us help you start your journey to recovery.

Get compassionate evidence- based and trauma focused substance abuse treatment in Arizona.

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