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Cornerstone Arizona DUI Programs and Courses offers DMV and MVD-approved online DUI Classes, Arizona Alcohol Screenings, and DUI Screening Assessments. Our services are provided online so you can resolve your DUI anytime from anywhere. Now offering Arizona DUI classes and screenings in Spanish! We guarantee we’ll beat any Arizona DUI Service competitor’s prices by 10%.


low cost guarantee dui classes, dui education, and dui assessments

We guarantee we’ll beat any Arizona DUI Service competitor’s prices by 10%

DUI in Spanish

DUI clases disponibles en español.

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Our Arizona DUI courses are court-approved and designed for individuals required to take DUI education or DUI prevention classes following a driving under the influence offense. Our online DUI classes meet all Arizona state requirements and offer a streamlined, user-friendly experience.

Our DUI Classes are efficient and incredibly user-friendly, ensuring you can progress at your pace. Designed to be accessible 24/7, they are especially suited for those looking for weekend DUI classes or flexible learning schedules. 
No matter the device – a desktop, smartphone, iPad, or tablet – you can access our curriculum anytime, anywhere.

All that’s required is an internet connection and a quiet place to study. Our drunk driving classes allow you to log in and out at your convenience, so our program fits your daily routine. Your class grades and progress are saved automatically, guaranteeing a smooth and uninterrupted process.

Upon class hours completion, we take the extra step of electronically notifying Arizona courts Arizona MVD (Motor Vehicle Division), and your DUI attorney (if applicable), ensuring all stipulations and mandates related to your DUI case are met.

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ADOT Approved

AZDHS Licensed

Arizona Court Approved

Arizona Counselors Certified

MVD & DMV Approved

Complete our DUI Services Effortlessly With Just 5 Simple Steps

At Cornerstone DUI, we make it easy for Arizona residents to complete DUI screenings online. After the screening assessments, we offer the convenience of online DUI classes to fulfill any court or legal requirements.

Schedule a DUI Alcohol Screening Assessment

Complete a 15-30 minute DUI screening process with a specialist.

Classes are recommended by your counselor

Get a DUI class recommended based off of your screening.

Screening is sent to Arizona Courts & MVD

Screening results submitted to court or MVD as necessary.

Begin the recommended DUI program online

Enroll for classes and complete your required class at your own pace.

Finish classes & receive completion documents

Certificate of completion is forwarded to you and to the court/MVD (if needed).

court approved DUI classes

Online DUI Screening Assessments

If you have received a driving under the influence charge and have been referred by the court to take DUI classes, the first step to complying is a virtual alcohol screening or DUI screening. 

At Cornerstone, our licensed Arizona counselors will interview you to determine the number of class hours you must complete for your case. It’s important to note that the minimum amount of hours required is always 8 hours. 

low cost guarantee dui classes, dui education, and dui assessments

Resolve Your DUI Charges With Our Arizona DUI Services


About Our Online DUI Courses

Online programs are video and assignment-based modules that are entirely web-based. Our DUI courses are accessible through any device and self-paced, meaning you can choose how and when you complete the class process.

The price of our classes depends on how many hours you need to complete, but we can assure you that we are the lowest price because we offer a 10% competitor matching discount. 

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Benefits of Online Screenings and Drunk Driving Classes

Navigating the Arizona DUI process can be challenging and confusing. That’s where our online Arizona DUI school comes in, offering drunk driving classes and alcohol screenings to help you from beginning to end. Here’s why our DUI programs are a great choice:

Access Our DUI Courses From Anywhere 

Our online DUI courses let you complete your court requirements without leaving your house. This is handy if you can’t drive because of a suspended license or are busy with work and family. You get to learn from home without the extra stress.

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Complete Your Classes at Your Own Pace

We all have different schedules, and our online DUI school understands that. With our courses, you can choose when to study – morning or night, it’s up to you. This flexibility means you can fit the classes into your life easily.

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Keep it Private

Are you nervous about bumping into people you know at a DUI class? Don’t worry. Our online courses are entirely private. This means you can get through your court-required classes without the stress of being seen by someone you know.
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Save Time and Money

Going to a physical class means spending time and money on travel. Our DUI program reduces these additional costs. With just a few clicks, you’re ready to learn, saving time and money.
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Once you complete the online DUI or alcohol screening, you will be enrolled in one of the following Arizona drunk driving classes:


8-Hour Class


16-Hour Class


20-Hour Class


36-Hour Class


40-Hour Class


56-Hour Class

Online vs In-Person DUI programs



DUI classes can be accessed at any time, including weekends with an internet connection.


Attendance depends on scheduled class times and location. You must adjust your schedule to attend.​



The cost for online DUI classes is usually significantly lower.


Typically more expensive due to costs associated with physical resources.



DUI Specialists are able to answer your questions as you go through the course.


Direct interaction with DUI education instructors and other peers.

Completion Verification


A certificate is issued directly to you, as well as the Arizona courts and MVD.


A physical certificate is often issued directly to you.

Still have questions about DUI Courses?

Our DUI specialists are here to explain the assessment process, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that you enroll in the right courses to satisfy your DUI requirements.

get back on the road after a DUI


A busy life can make it difficult for you to attend your court-ordered DUI screening or court-ordered DUI classes in person. With classes online, you choose the schedule and place, never having to leave home. If you’re looking for weekend DUI classes we are the perfect choice for you.

With our alcohol screenings and DUI classes, you can fulfill your obligations on your own schedule and at the pace you prefer. We offer 8-hour, 16-hour, 36-hour, and 56-hour courses, available and accessible 24 hours a day.

Cornerstone is staffed by behavioral health professionals and fully accredited, our program is licensed by the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles and the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Services for the State of Arizona

Below are the list of our Arizona DUI services:

DUI while visiting Arizona? We've got you covered.

If you are from out of state and you’ve received a driving under the influence charge in Arizona, we can help you. You can take our classes conveniently from anywhere.



low cost guarantee dui classes, dui education, and dui assessments

Resolve Your DUI Charges With Our Arizona DUI Services


Frequently Asked Questions


What type of device do I need?

You can join our both our screenings and classes from any device, including a desktop, laptop, computer, or tablet. 

Our low price guarantee is simple with no strings attached. We will beat any Arizona DUI Service provider’s prices by 10%! 

To begin the process of setting up a DUI screening, give us a call and speak with one of our DUI specialists, who can help you get on track to meeting all of your court requirements.

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Still have questions about DUI Courses?

Our DUI specialists are here to explain the assessment process, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that you enroll in the right courses to satisfy your DUI requirements.

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