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Alcohol and Drug Rehab


Our clients experience twice as much positive change from admission to discharge, compared to similar programs.

Cornerstone Healing Center is a leading rehab center in Scottsdale, Arizona. We offer transformative drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs; Residential Rehab, Partial Hospitalization, Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs. We also offer ongoing critical support. We are committed to getting recovery right. That means working alongside clients in those critical first days, weeks, and months of rehabilitation offered here at Cornerstone. We believe in treating the whole person, and our comprehensive drug rehab programs give clients the skills needed to lay the groundwork for a sustainable recovery.

3 Phases of our alcohol
and drug rehab program


We offer Residential Rehab and Partial Hospitalization. Our alcohol and drug rehab programs fully immerse you in your treatment plan, eliminating distractions and maximizing accountability in your early recovery.


Our Intensive Outpatient and Standard Outpatient programs are designed as a stepping stone back to life once you have completed treatment while still maintaining your sober support system.

Continued Care

Our Navigation program provides recovery coaching on a long-term basis, helping you to set both recovery goals and goals for your personal life with guidance and accountability to achieve them.

heal the mind, body, and spirit from addiction

a scottsdale drug rehab for people who are ready for Real Change

Want to achieve your goal of staying sober? Cornerstone is a Scottsdale drug rehab program where those struggle with addiction can find a true, lasting, long-term recovery. At Cornerstone, we approach treatment differently. We focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit from addiction. Our treatment approach includes both traditional and alternative methods of addiction treatment. 

The truth is that our goal is to focus on healing every aspect of a person’s life that addiction has hurt.


Are you ready to do the work of digging deep and getting to the root of your addiction? Our clinicians will guide you through to healing. Drug and alcohol addiction affects thinking processes and the ability to cope with the ups and downs of life. Our clinicians work hard to ensure that each one of our clients is given the tools to live with a clear and focused mind. We focus on bringing you through the past and into the present. It’s time to step into the new you.

We focus on healing the body: 

The addiction professionals at Cornerstone will help you go through those early days of recovery where nothing feels right or comfortable. The only way out is through. Our clients are provided with the best medical care for addiction. We also prioritize healing the body through nutrition and exercise. If you’ve never been able to make your physical health a consistent priority, we will ensure that you do by the time you leave here. Our addiction treatment program is not just about eliminating drugs and alcohol, it’s about teaching you how to flourish.

We focus on healing the spirit: 

Addiction takes a tremendous toll on the human spirit. Drugs and alcohol change every aspect of a person, sometimes leaving who they are at their core unrecognizable. Through mindfulness, meditation, and encouraging the development of a connection between yourself and your higher power, we can prompt an inner transformation and healing of the spirit. We’ve repeatedly seen that connecting with spiritual practices brings a deep and lasting change in our clients.

Cornerstone in the press

Cornerstone Healing Center has been featured in press,
podcasts, and publications across the nation, spreading the message of addiction recovery.

Cornerstone featured on Vice News on Overdose During the Pandemic

Interview with Dona Speir of Recovery Today Magazine

Interview with Escaping Rock Bottom with Brandon Lee

what clients and addiction treatment
professionals say about Cornerstone

Cornerstone has got to be the most caring treatment facility in the state. The staff here took the time to listen to me and helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. Look no farther, this is the place you regardless of if you believe you can be successful or not, they will help every step of the way.
S. F.
Graduated Client
Cornerstone was absolutely amazing! I owe my life to their program of recovery and phenomenal staff. Without them, I would be nowhere near where I am today living a happy, healthy, sober life. I cannot recommend Cornerstone enough to anyone looking to try and recover from alcoholism and addiction!
T. W.
Graduated Client
I'm a Professional Social Worker in the valley. I own a Facility and have referred clients to Cornerstone who thrived. They are lovely. They create events in the valley to help other professionals win. Cornerstone has my respect and gratitude.

J. A.
Social Worker

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Cornerstone also Offers Online dui classes in arizona

In addition to our drug and alcohol rehab programs, Cornerstone offers DUI classes, alcohol screening, and alcohol education programs. Our programs are available for you or a loved one who has received a DUI in Arizona and other states.

We work with the Courts and MVD to help you fulfill requirements in your DUI case.

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