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We provide online Alcohol screenings and DUI screenings for Arizona residents facing DUI charges. We will be here to help you every step of the way. Start Today!

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Alcohol Assessments and DUI Screenings in 3 Simple Steps

At Cornerstone Healing Center, we make it easy for Arizona residents to complete DUI assessments and alcohol screenings online. Plus, we offer the convenience of online DUI classes to fulfill any court or legal requirements.



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Complete your Alcohol or DUI Screening online to fulfill court or legal obligations, all while receiving expert guidance from our counselors.

Alcohol Screenings

Cornerstone DUI provides Arizona residents with thorough and confidential alcohol screenings that comply with state laws. Complete the screening from your home, avoiding the hassle and stress of in-person appointments. Certified counselors conduct these screenings to evaluate your relationship with alcohol and provide insights that can be crucial for meeting court or legal requirements. Trust us to offer you a professional, convenient, and discrete service that aligns with Arizona’s standards for alcohol assessments.

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Administered by certified counselors, our DUI alcohol screenings are designed to meet Arizona state laws and court mandates, ensuring you comply with all legal requirements. The Arizona DUI screening process evaluates various factors like driving history and alcohol or drug use, providing a comprehensive understanding of your specific situation. Whether you’re fulfilling a court order or taking a proactive step in addressing your driving habits, our online DUI screenings offer both convenience and professional oversight.

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