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Are you searching for an alcohol and drug rehab program to change your life? We can help you. We are Cornerstone Healing Center, with one of the best and highly rated drug rehab programs in the Scottsdale area. 

Our treatment programs: 

  • Encourage accountability
  • Emphasize addiction education
  • Utilize proven evidence-based curriculum
  • Produce rapid change
  • Give an immerse recovery environment that encourages healing 
  • Helps clients work through and process trauma

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James speaks on his transformative experience at Cornerstone Healing Center in Scottsdale

Addiction Treatment At Our Scottsdale Drug rehab

Our Residential treatment center provides the highest level of care for addiction. Clients can enjoy our beautiful luxury residential center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Partial Hospitalization provides our clients an immersive experience where clients build a solid foundation that promotes long-term recover.

Intensive Outpatient clients attend treatment at our Scottsdale drug rehab part-time, 3-5 days a week. Ideal for clients who have completed a residential and need continued support

Outpatient is our lowest level of care, with clients attending treatment part-time, 3 days a week at our Scottsdale drug rehab facility.

Navigation provides recovery and sober coaching to clients after they complete treatment, to help guide them in their early recovery.

Why Choose Cornerstone?

We know that many options exist for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. However, our program differs from many others, as the foundation of our program is human connection, evidence-based treatments, and building long-term relationships with our clients.

We understand that overcoming addictions requires more than just not using or drinking. The underlying causes of the addiction, such as a trauma, must be addressed. 

However, at the same time, there must be a comfortable and nurturing environment to dig into and begin healing from the past. Cornerstone provides an alcohol and drug rehab program environment where healing and change can take place at a core level. 

More importantly, we don’t only focus on clients. We focus on the important support system surrounding our clients. 

Family involvement is an integral part of the recovery process. Studies have shown that family involvement in addiction treatment can drastically increase the chances of long-term success in recovery. 

We have carefully chosen every member of the Cornerstone team to ensure that you are surrounded by deeply caring and authentic professionals who are invested in you and your success. 

We want every person who steps through our doors to feel like a part of the Cornerstone family.

Our team is committed to ensuring that you leave our facility with the tools you need to achieve long-lasting sobriety and the community you need to support you every step of the way. 

Our goal is to help you learn to live a happy, fulfilling, sober life. 

People who come to Cornerstone’s Scottsdale rehab center will receive an individualized treatment plan to meet their unique needs. Our unique programs consider outside obligations you may have that would otherwise keep you from obtaining treatment.

About Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

Our Scottsdale rehab programs provide a addiction treatment curriculum developed from a deep passion for the mind, body, and spirit approach to long-term sobriety and wellness. The understanding that the entire person must be healed and a holistic approach to effect change drive our approach to substance abuse treatment.

Our approach combines concepts of the world’s greatest mental health professionals, teachers, and philosophers—who have paved the way to understanding the cause of addiction and the solutions that work.

More importantly, our curriculum and structure for our clients are evidence-based, whether it be a traditional or alternative approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction. 

At Cornerstone Healing Center, our levels of care include residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and standard outpatient. We also offer recovery coaching and a sober companion program that can drastically increase a client’s chance of remaining clean and sober. 

our Scottsdale Drug Rehab program staff

Meet our passionate, caring, and compassionate staff at our
Scottsdale treatment programs.

Karen Williams, LPC

Clinical Director

Lionel Estrada, LISAC

Primary Therapist


Understanding Cornerstone's Drug Rehab Programs

If you have a severe addiction and are experiencing dire consequences as a result, you will likely need detox, inpatient, or residential treatment. If you have more of a moderate addiction, where things haven’t gotten too out of control, you might find that an outpatient program will work for you.

Another consideration is the state of your finances. Outpatient programs are obviously less costly than inpatient programs. Sometimes, finances require a person to begin their treatment in an outpatient program and go from there. 

Just remember this, finding the right drug rehab program is essential to achieving lasting sobriety. It’s important to make the right decision for your drug rehab program the first time to reduce the possibility of returning to a program later.

With so many different types of programs available, you must take the time to assess your individual needs. While you may feel that you know yourself better than anyone else, you may need more care than you initially believe. 

Consult an admissions specialist about your recovery goals to make an informed decision that will help set you up for success and not failure.

When speaking to an admissions specialist or an addiction treatment specialist, it’s important to be honest about your past experiences with substance abuse.

It’s entirely possible that underlying factors, such as mental health issues or behaviors linked to addiction, need specialized treatment to support long-term recovery.

Right now you are researching rehab options, don’t be afraid to give us a call and ask questions about our program’s approach and inquire whether our programs align with your expectations.

Drug rehab programs are without a doubt one of the most effective ways for people suffering from drug addictions to recover and lead a productive life. A carefully designed program tailored to the individual’s needs provides an environment where individuals can heal, gain insight into their behaviors and build sustainable tools for lasting recovery is priceless.

Studies have consistently shown that those who complete drug rehab programs demonstrate better outcomes than those who do not receive treatment.

Benefits include reduced drug use and fewer relapses, improved employment opportunities, better family relationships, positive social activities, and healthy coping skills.

By providing comprehensive care with evidence-based treatments and psychosocial support, drug rehab programs can produce long-term benefits that impact the person’s mental health, physical well-being, and overall quality of life.

Drug rehabilitation programs vary greatly in length, but Cornerstone clients can expect to stay in our programs for 30 to 90 days. 

Clinicians strive to find the most appropriate program for each individual regardless of length to maximize their experience and give them the tools they need to align future behavior with recovery goals.

Cornerstone allows phones to be brought into treatment, but there is a 7-day window where clients are not permitted to use their phones. Phones can be taken away if they interfere with the treatment process. Our clients must focus fully on their treatment program while in our care. 

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