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DUI Content Team

dane perikly dui writer headshot

DUI Content Contributor

Dane Perikly is an Arizona expert in DUI education and legislation, passionately dedicated to educating the public about the impact and consequences of impaired driving. 

lionel estrada lisac clinical director

DUI Content Reviewer

Lionel is a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor who has a passion for helping others overcome alcoholism and drug use. He reviews our DUI content to ensure factual accuracy.

julie miller recovery writer and author

DUI Content Contributor

Julie Miller is a writer of over 10 years. She’s been in addiction recovery for 3 years. Julie understands the complex nature of alcoholism and addiction. She writes factual, helpful, and informative content.

karen williams, lpc

DUI Content Reviewer

Karen Williams is a Licensed Practicing Counselor in Arizona. Karen created our DUI Education Curriculum and fact-checked our DUI Content to ensure accuracy and helpfulness to our readers. 

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