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Cornerstone DUI provides comprehensive Chandler DUI classes, DUI assessments, and alcohol assessment. Our services are done online and cover Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 DUI offenses, accommodating first-time offenders to those with multiple offenses. All our DUI education classes are Arizona court-approved, MVD approved, and ADOT certified, ensuring compliance with state regulations.

We focus on delivering exceptional education, emphasizing the dangers of impaired driving, responsible decision-making, and substance abuse prevention. 

Our alcohol screenings and DUI assessments determine the appropriate level of education and/or treatment for your specific circumstances. Our user-friendly platform and competitive pricing, including a 10% competitor’s discount, make Cornerstone DUI the go-to choice for Arizona DUI services. 

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DUI Services You Can Trust

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DUI Services You Can Trust

Cornerstone DUI takes pride in offering Arizona court-approved and ADOT certified DUI classes and assessments, ensuring full compliance with state regulations. 

We work closely with the courts to guarantee that you meet all requirements and provide proof of completion to both the MVD and courts on your behalf. This collaboration streamlines the process, saving you time and effort while helping you fulfill your legal obligations.

By choosing us, you can be confident that our exceptional courses and thorough approach will satisfy all court and ADOT requirements, making your journey towards fulfilling DUI charge requirements as seamless as possible.


We’ll beat any competitor’s prices by 10%

DUI Education for the City of Chandler

Getting a DUI charge in Chandler, AZ can be overwhelming, but completing DUI education is essential for navigating the situation successfully. Comprehensive education provides a clear understanding of the legal process, court mandates, and the consequences of impaired driving. It also equips individuals with the tools and resources necessary to make positive, responsible choices and reduce the risk of repeat offenses. By completing DUI education, individuals demonstrate commitment to change and take an important step towards rehabilitation and personal growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DUI classes are educational programs that provide individuals with a better understanding of the risks and consequences of impaired driving.

DUI classes are required in Chandler for individuals who have been charged with DUI as part of the legal process and as a means to fulfill court-mandated requirements.

The goal of DUI classes is to help individuals understand the negative impact of impaired driving, encourage responsible decision-making, and prevent future DUI offenses.

Yes, Cornerstone DUI is an approved Chandler  DUI Class provider. Our online courses are Arizona court-approved and ADOT certified, ensuring full compliance with state regulations.

Our courses meet all state and court requirements, providing individuals with an efficient and convenient way to fulfill court-mandated DUI education requirements.

Yes, all of Cornerstone DUI’s classes are ADOT approved.

Our courses have been evaluated and certified by the Arizona Department of Transportation to meet all requirements for DUI education.

The length of DUI classes varies depending on the level of education required. Level 1 DUI classes typically last 16 hours, Level 2 classes are typically 36 hours, and Level 3 classes are usually 56 hours.

Our online classes are self-paced, allowing individuals to complete the coursework at their convenience, within the allotted timeframe.

DUI classes cover a range of topics related to impaired driving, including the physical and psychological effects of substance abuse, responsible decision-making, substance abuse prevention, the legal process, and the impact of DUI on individuals and society.

Learn more about what’s covered in each specific class by visiting the services section of the website and reviewing the class module section. 

Cornerstone DUI offers online DUI classes, allowing individuals to fulfill court-mandated requirements from the comfort of their own homes.

Our online classes are user-friendly and flexible, providing individuals with a convenient and efficient way to complete their DUI education requirements.

The cost of DUI classes in Chandler varies depending on the level of education required.

At Cornerstone DUI, we offer competitive pricing and a 10% competitor’s discount, making our high-quality DUI classes and assessments more accessible and affordable. Additionally, some financial assistance options may be available for those who qualify.

Not attending or completing a DUI class can result in additional legal consequences, including fines, license suspension, and even jail time.

Failure to complete a court-mandated DUI education program can also lead to an extension of probation or the revocation of driving privileges.

At Cornerstone DUI, we provide proof of completion to Arizona courts and the MVD on your behalf, ensuring that you fulfill all court-mandated requirements.

If you received a DUI in the State of Arizona but live outside of the state, you can still take our DUI classes and assessments.

The level of DUI classes required depends on the specific circumstances of the case. Level 1 classes are typically required for first-time offenders, while Level 2 and Level 3 classes may be required for repeat offenders or those with aggravated circumstances.

DUI classes provide individuals with the education and tools necessary to make positive and responsible decisions, helping to reduce the incidence of repeat DUI offenses.

By addressing underlying issues like substance abuse and encouraging responsible behavior, DUI education helps individuals understand the impact of impaired driving and make better choices in the future.

In most cases, individuals are able to begin attending virtual DUI classes before their court appearance.

This can demonstrate a willingness to take responsibility and improve one’s behavior, potentially leading to a more favorable outcome in court. In fact, most attorneys advise their clients to begin DUI classes immediately. 

Each DUI class provider may have specific rules and requirements, so it is important to review these carefully.

At Cornerstone DUI, we provide a comprehensive guide to help individuals understand the rules and expectations of our program.

DUI classes are assigned based on the results of the DUI assessment or alcohol assessment and are not tailored for other specifics. 

The process of screening, assessment, and referral to appropriate DUI classes in Chandler may vary depending on the provider.

At Cornerstone DUI, we offer assessments to determine the appropriate level of education and treatment for each individual, ensuring that individuals receive the education and support they need to make positive changes.

Attending DUI classes does not result in the automatic removal of a DUI conviction from one’s driving record.

However, completing DUI education may demonstrate a commitment to responsible behavior and improve one’s chances of regaining driving privileges in the future, or pleading to a lesser charge. These questions are always best to ask a DUI attorney. 

DUI classes are often one of several court-ordered requirements for individuals charged with DUI.

Other requirements may include probation, community service, or ignition interlock devices.

Completing all court-ordered requirements is important for fulfilling legal obligations and demonstrating a commitment to responsible behavior.

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