About Cornerstone Virtual IOP

We offer comprehensive virtual mental health care for Arizona adults and young adults facing life's challenges

woman participating in an online virtual mental health program
woman participating in an online virtual mental health program

Cornerstone VIOP was founded with a vision to make great mental health care accessible to everyone no matter their location or circumstances. Our journey began when our founder and therapeutic professionals recognized the limitations of in-person therapy and programs. We decided to establish a Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program that would break barriers, heal people, and support them in their daily lives long after they graduate our program. 

Cornerstone combines the best aspects of traditional therapy with innovative digital resources. We do all of this to bring you a flexible solution for getting mental health care. A virtual program like ours is great for those who may need a little bit more support than virtual therapy and need the ability to attend but also meet the daily responsibilities of life.

Meet our Arizona Virtual IOP team

Clinical Director of VIOP

Nate Bush, LCSW

Nate began his recovery journey on May 5, 2010. He enrolled at Central Arizona College in January 2013, later transferring to Arizona State University, where he graduated with a Master's in Social Work. He has been working in the Behavioral Health field since September 2013 and is now a Licensed Master Social Worker and the Clinical Director of Virtual IOP.

Director of Virtual IOP

Veronica Frash

Veronica began her recovery journey in 2012. She is driven to help those in recovery with love and compassion built from her experience in the community and her hospitality upbringing. In her role as Director of Virtual IOP, her goal is to bridge the gap of mental health care access in the rural areas of Arizona.

Clinical Outreach

Cameron Crane

Cameron Crane, a Clinical Outreach Specialist focusing on virtual services. With a Bachelor's in Communication and a Master's in Organizational Leadership, Cameron blends expertise in communication and leadership. Active in Arizona's recovery community, she is dedicated to supporting individuals' healing journeys. Outside of work, she enjoys time with their husband and two children.

our approach to treatment mental health virtually

About Our Approach to Treatment

At Cornerstone VIOP, we take a holistic approach to treating mental health challenges. But holistic is way more than just a buzzword to us. We integrate therapies and treatments that help our clients deal with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects that mental health issues bring. We know what works and we’ve made it all available online. This includes individual therapy, group therapy, process groups, mindfulness practices, and so much more.