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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona

Our drug rehab center in Scottsdale has several treatment options and levels of care, including residential, partial hospitalization, outpatient, and intensive outpatient programs.

Amenities at our luxury Scottsdale facility include:

  • Beautiful desert views
  • Spacious bedrooms
  • Large group rooms
  • Art room
  • Gym
  • Individual therapy rooms
  • Large kitchen

Our clients spend the day focusing on the inner healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

We know the way out of addiction

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About Our Scottsdale Rehab Center

We’ve seen incredible results from clients who have went through our programs. 

Our clients reclaim their lives, their families, or completely re-invent their lives to something that aligns with who they truly are.

Learn more about what we offer at our drug rehab facility, our programs, and how to begin the process of getting help for addiction. 

You will also learn what to expect during treatment and the effective treatment options we offer that promote long-term recovery.


Maria Tisci - Alumni Testimonial

Maria went through treatment at our rehab center in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

cornerstone - scottsdale rehab amenities

Our beautiful drug rehab in Scottsdale, AZ is where we treat clients for several levels of care, including residentialpartial hospitalization, outpatient, and intensive outpatient programs

Our luxury treatment facilities have spacious bedrooms, large kitchen, group rooms, individual therapy rooms, an art room, an exercise room, and much more. 

Our clients spend the day focusing on the inner healing of the mind, body, and spirit. 

Each of our therapies are designed to help clients see that a life without drugs and alcohol is possible.



Our clients reside at our beautiful Scottsdale residential facilities. Each bedroom is incredibly spacious and a place where you can relax your mind and body.

The views from our drug and alcohol treatment facilities are of the bright and colorful Arizona mountains and sky.


The group rooms are spacious, comfortable environments where clients process past wounds and discuss their plans for change and growth with an appointed therapist as the conversation leader.

In group therapy, people can share their stories, build meaningful connections, and learn from each other. Additionally, group therapy can provide a sense of accountability and motivation to stay in treatment. 



Our Scottsdale location features a large art room where clients are free to express themselves through creativity. 

Art allows patients to express their feelings by creating something with their hands. Art provides a way to gain a different perspective about life events that caused harm or trauma. 



Cornerstone implements exercise into our recovery process. It’s an essential part of addressing the physical healing of our clients. 

In our exercise room, clients can use various exercise equipment. Additionally, we have a personal trainer who meets with our clients. Group exercise also takes place in our spacious gym. 

our scottsdale rehab staff

Meet our passionate, caring, and compassionate staff at our
Scottsdale drug and alcohol rehab.

Karen Williams, LPC

Clinical Director

Karen is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in Addiction Recovery, EMDR, and Family Systems Theory at Cornerstone Healing Center in Scottsdale, AZ.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from GCU with 15 years of experience in substance use recovery and the behavioral sciences.  

Lionel Estrada

Primary Therapist

Lionel has dedicated his life to helping those struggling with addiction, and he’s done it from all angles. Lionel has worked at numerous addiction treatment programs in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding areas before finally landing what he considers his dream job – a therapist at Cornerstone in Scottsdale. 

What to expect AT CORNERSTONE

Each level of care we offer is designed for our clients to reconnect with themselves and others. Human connection is the essential in the process of recovery. We ensure that client support systems are included in the treatment process. Each of our treatments and therapies for addiction serves a very specific purpose. 

Here is some of what you can expect at our drug and alcohol treatment center.



A certified therapist leads each group therapy session. The therapist has pre-planned topics of discussion, questions, and informational presentations to share with the patients. 

The curriculum includes the best topics, areas of study, and information on addiction. 



Family therapy aims to heal the support system. While addiction damages relationships, we know that rebuilding trust between our clients and their family is the healthiest step forward. Supportive family members present during family therapy sessions will help clients feel they can make it in recovery. 

When you choose Cornerstone to get help for addiction, you can expect a high-quality treatment plan based on your individual needs.

At Cornerstone, we are a supportive and caring environment that understands the complexities of the addiction experience. We want our clients to build a life they are proud of and give back to others. 


Your physical well-being is important to us. And so, nutrition is an important part of the focus from day one. The body heals better when it has the proper nutrition. We provide our clients with delicious and nutritious meals three times per day. .Our chefs also offer instructions on how to make nutritious meals. 

Good nutrition is essential for everyone, but it is especially important for people in addiction recovery. The body needs nutrients to repair the damage caused by substance abuse and to regain strength and energy.

how to begin the admissions process

Taking the first step of being admitted to our facility is admitting that you are ready to receive help. Surrendering and asking for help can be a tough challenge, but it does not mean that you are a failure. We are here for you to support you through your rehabilitation and provide a clean slate for your life.


  1. Fill out an online verification form. We will find out all of the specifics about your insurance policy. You can also call us directly and verbally provide your information to an admissions specialist. 
  2. An admissions specialist will get back to you to let you know the details of insurance coverage and how we can help you. 
  3. Finally, we will get you admitted into our program. If by chance we are not able to help you due to any reason, we will provide you with ample life-saving resources. 

Our Founder/CEO Featured on Vice News

Our founder, Estil Wallace, speaks on how the pandemic has impacted those who struggle with drug and alcohol use. 

We see clearly how the opposite of addiction is a connection because addiction thrives in isolation. Human connection has always been a component of treatment at Cornerstone.

Watch Our Founder/ CEO speak on Vice News. 


what clients and treatment professionals
say about cornerstone

Cornerstone has got to be the most caring treatment facility in the state. The staff here took the time to listen to me and helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. Look no farther, this is the place you regardless of if you believe you can be successful or not, they will help every step of the way.
S. F.
Graduated Client
Cornerstone was absolutely amazing! I owe my life to their program of recovery and phenomenal staff. Without them, I would be nowhere near where I am today living a happy, healthy, sober life. I cannot recommend Cornerstone enough to anyone looking to try and recover from alcoholism and addiction!
T. W.
Graduated Client
I'm a Professional Social Worker in the valley. I own a Facility and have referred clients to Cornerstone who thrived. They are lovely. They create events in the valley to help other professionals win. Cornerstone has my respect and gratitude.

J. A.
Social Worker

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