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Cornerstone is a Scottsdale drug rehab center ready to serve you and your needs in the process of recovery.

Learn more about what we offer at our drug rehab facility, our programs, and how to begin the process of getting help. You will also learn what to expect during a day at our facility as well as the different treatment options for effective rehabilitation.

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Our beautiful rehab center in Scottsdale is where we treat our residentialpartial hospitalization, outpatient, and intensive outpatient programs. The luxury outpatient facility has large group rooms, an art room, an exercise room, and more amenities.

Our clients spend the day here to find themselves again, focusing on the inner healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Each of our therapies is designed to help clients see that a life without drugs and alcohol is possible.

We help our clients heal and process the things that have happened in their lives that have gotten them to where they are now. 


Group therapy will be a central treatment element when our clients undergo their healing journey at Cornerstone Healing Center. The group rooms are spacious, comfortable environments where clients process past wounds and discuss their plans for change and growth with an appointed therapist as the conversation leader.

When you are not in a group discussion, your therapist may have you all complete a team activity. Cornerstone also tasks our clients with independent activities throughout their treatment process.


Art is subjective whether an avid craftsman or a novice artist, the art room allows patients to vent their problems, feelings, or musings through art. 

Art therapy in addiction rehab allows patients to express their feelings by creating something with their hands.

Discussing unprocessed life events can evoke undesired emotions, so drawing or painting it out could offer needed relief and closure. Art provides a way to gain a different perspective about life events that caused harm or trauma. 


Exercising is one of the most important things clients can do when they start the process of recovery. Addiction takes an enormous toll on your physical health. Exercising releases endorphins that help begin the process of physical restoration.

Getting active also releases serotonin and dopamine to enhance your mood. At Cornerstone, we have a dedicated personal trainer who works with our clients. You can begin a lifelong habit of exercising daily at our Scottsdale location. 

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Each level of care that we offer is designed for you to reconnect psychologically with yourself and emotionally with your support system. We have group therapy, yoga, meditation, nutrition, and exercise treatment options to reconnect with yourself. We rebuild client relationships with their immediate family members via family therapy.


You are not on this rehabilitation journey alone. Often, people can feel incredibly alone and secluded in the midst of addiction. During treatment, you must learn to build bonds with others on the same journey as you. In recovery, you need all the encouragement you can get from those around you. 

A certified therapist heads each group therapy session. They will have the group transition from one topic to another. The therapist has pre-planned topics of discussion, questions, and informational presentations to share with the patients. 



Family therapy reinforces the support system for the client. While family members may be intensely hurt from when the client was dependent on drugs or alcohol, rebuilding familial bonds is a healthy step towards recovery.

Rehab clients need a support system more than ever to make this big leap of change in their lives. Supportive family members that are there for them during family therapy sessions will help clients to feel loved and confident that they can turn themselves around.

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what to expect at our scottsdale rehab center

When you enroll to receive help for addiction, you can expect a high-quality treatment plan based on your needs and enhance your self-love. We encourage healing with loved ones and friends. 

At Cornerstone, we are a supportive and caring environment that understands the complexities of the addiction experience. We want our clients to build a life that they are proud of and give back to others. 


Your physical well-being is important to us. And so, nutrition is an important part of the focus of drug and alcohol rehab. We provide our clients with delicious and nutritious meals three times per day. The healthy eating habits you gain here can be carried with you through your life in long-term recovery.

Head to the exercise room during your free time to improve your physical health. Addiction takes a toll on our bodies and our lifestyles. We want our clients to practice good habits. 


Emotional treatment is important for Cornerstone clients to enhance their emotional intelligence. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is highly effective treatment for addiction, giving you the tools to deal with emotions. 

Working on your emotional intelligence will accustom you to recognizing the triggers that cause your need to use substances in the first place. 

A healthy emotional intelligence is integral for relapse prevention. The goal is to capitalize on other ways to combat anxiety and depression without resorting to drug or alcohol use again.

DBT will give you mindfulness training. You will be more in tune with your actions and think more in-depth about what consequences will result from your actions.

Our emotions are often out of control in active addiction. Feelings can be numbed, or we can use our emotions as an excuse to lash out at those around us. 

Living life on life’s terms calls every person to have a healthy command over their emotions. It’s essential to the healthy life to be in control of your emotions and not have your emotions controlling you.

Distress tolerance is a key skill you will learn during your dialectical behavior therapy sessions. Learning how to self-soothe, reducing distractions, and improving how you feel despite the distress is crucial for giving you the power to be in control of your emotions and not let them spiral uncontrollably.

Emotional regulation is key for relapse prevention. Rather than resorting to drugs or alcohol for a more positive feeling, you will find other ways to handle your deeper emotions and convert them into more optimism.

how to begin the admissions process

Taking the first step of being admitted to our facility is admitting that you are ready to receive help. Surrendering and asking for help can be a tough challenge, but it does not mean that you are a failure. We are here for you to support you through your rehabilitation and provide a clean slate for your life.


  1. Fill out an online verification form. We will call you with details within 24-48 hours of submission. You can also call us directly and verbally provide your information to an admissions specialist. 
  2. An admissions specialist will get back with you to let you know the details of insurance coverage and how we can help you. 
  3. Finally, we will get you admitted into our program. One of our representatives will inform you what to bring and what not to bring to the rehab facility. This will be the time for you to ask questions on allowed items so we can accommodate you accordingly.

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