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Cornerstone’s Partial Hospitalization Program in Scottsdale, Arizona

Cornerstone Healing Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Arizona is an intensive addiction treatment program designed for people 18 and older struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. For five days a week, seven hours a day, you or your loved one will develop themselves and change their lives for the better. This program lasts between 45-90 days and focuses on repairing and reconstructing your life for the better while considering your outside obligations, like work, school, and family care. 

Our day program provides a uniquely relevant focus on individual recovery while also allowing our clients to foster deep connections with those who have been in their shoes. We provide a safe environment in individual therapy for our clients where they can share strong emotions, difficult memories, and thoughts that might be hard to share in a group setting. This allows clients to be more open and develop trust in our staff and community, creating a space where your or your loved ones’ recovery can last a lifetime.

Questions about our PHP program? Fill out this form and let’s connect. 

People who come to Cornerstone’s Scottsdale PHP rehab center will receive an individualized treatment plan to meet their unique needs. We have two primary tracks for clients through our Partial Hospitalization Program: Ready to Launch and the Professionals Track. These unique programs consider outside obligations you may have that would otherwise keep you from obtaining treatment.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is where you spend most of your time at our facility and spend your off days at home. Your treatment is a top priority where you receive the following to help you get your life back on track:

  • Unique individual therapy based on your desired ways to heal.
  • Group therapy with your family members and friends to rebuild relationships.
  • Various vocational and emotional skill-building.
  • Educational programs for you to learn how substance abuse starts, healthy ways to continue to remain abstinent from substances and how you can heal from past addiction.

Each element of our Scottsdale partial hospitalization program is uniquely tailored to fit your needs. You can take the steps to find yourself again while working with your family, treatment specialists, and therapists, to help you reassimilate into your community.

Detox Services at Our Partial Hospitalization Program

To ensure clients can successfully complete the program, stay focused, and be present, before entering the PHP recovery program clients must detox their minds and their bodies from their substances. We work with a variety of reputable local medical detox centers and often handle all of the arrangements for our clients. During the detoxification process, which is standard in most treatment facilities, you or your loved one will be supported, monitored, and cared for by trained medical professionals. 

therapies, treatments, and activities in php


You may be nervous about seeking treatment, but we are here to tell you that a partial hospitalization program could be your first step to recovery. 

In the American population in 2015, 7% had an alcohol abuse problem but only 1.1% out of that 7% sought treatment at a recovery facility.

If you require more attention to help you get through your substance abuse, a partial hospitalization program may be the right avenue for you. 

People that have more severe substance abuse bouts such as near-death experiences or long-term use should consider a PHP for recovery.

Anyone with a co-dependency on drugs or alcohol that feel good only when they use the substances would benefit from undergoing a PHP for treatment. 

Co-dependency on a substance affects more than the user who will start to neglect themselves and let their health go.

It also adversely affects the user’s family and their current mental and physical health status. Since you will undergo family group therapy, all of you can heal from the troubling chapter of your lives.

Those that can handle their responsibilities during night hours during their 5 days of treatment and their 2 off days should devote their time to getting better mentally and physically. 

Investing time in yourself will be a great help to yourself as you turn around your life and to your loved ones as they witness you becoming better.


Our partial hospitalization program is split into two types. The Young Adult Rehab program reassures that anyone aged teenager to young adult gets the recovery they need and deserve. Executive Rehab is for individuals who currently hold a job and need treatment with an ETA on when they can return to the workplace.

Young Adult Rehab Program in Scottsdale

The Scottsdale partial hospitalization program for young adults will help individuals reconnect with themselves, their families, and their peers.

 Meanwhile, you will work to restore your spirit, mind, and body so that they are properly linked to helping you get your life back before substance abuse.
We are not looking to just end the troubling chapter of your life that involved substance abuse.

 Cornerstone Healing Center wants to guide you to rebuild your relationships, reconnect with the hobbies and goals that make you happy, and reframe your mindset to find more healthy ways to deal with deep emotions such as depression, grief, and anger.

Executive Rehab in Scottsdale

Substance abuse affects anyone no matter what job they hold. You may find it difficult to seek treatment because you are afraid you will lose your job in the process. This should not hinder you from seeking treatment.

As you undergo executive rehab, you will find the work-life balance needed to satisfy your work duties while living the life that you desire for yourself and your family. 

Enhancing your various life skills will help you tackle your daily responsibilities such as financial planning for your future, taking new steps in your career, and how you can make your family life better.

partial hospitalization program sober living

Clients in our PHP program may also need or want to temporarily stay in a sober living home. We regularly tour and examine local sober living options so that we can refer our clients to those homes with the highest standards. 

Sober living gives clients a supportive, substance-free environment that enables them to focus on their recovery.

Not every at-home environment provides a space that is conducive to overcoming addiction. 

Sober living spaces provide clients with a safe space while still allowing them to live their day-to-day without the need for residential treatment if that isn’t an option for them. 

By living with like-minded individuals who are also on the path to long-term recovery, clients get the support they need to break the cycle of addiction and solidify their new lifestyle.

Continuing Care Services after php

When clients leave the partial hospitalization program, we can recommend continuing care services for successful re-entry into home, work, and community life. 

At Cornerstone Healing Center, we do everything possible to ensure long-term recovery so that our clients avoid relapse. It is possible for you or your loved one to break free of the cycle of addiction for good.

The aftercare resources we include are long-term outpatient recovery coaching, which we call navigation, Occupational therapy, and Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR). Continuing care after recovery is beneficial because re-entering life after treatment isn’t easy. Finding direction can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help long after treatment to ensure that you continue to live the best life imaginable.

does health insurance cover partial hospitalization programs?

Your health insurance should be able to cover partial hospitalization either partially or in its entirety. The affordable care act made it a requirement for health insurance plans to cover partial hospitalization. 

Find out if your health insurance covers PHP by visiting our insurance verification page

Counseling, psychotherapy, inpatient treatment for behavior and mental health, and substance abuse treatment are required to be covered via your marketplace health insurance. 

The parameters of the specific health insurance coverages will be outlined in your insurance benefits pamphlet. 

Call your health insurance company to see how your partial hospitalization program treatment here at Cornerstone Healing Center can be covered. 

Have the peace of mind that your treatment can be covered, so you can seek treatment without other worries.


Young Adult Rehab Program

Our Ready to Launch program helps clients learn the life skills to thrive and succeed, such as financial education, nutrition, fitness, and navigating relationships. 

Not everyone receives the tools to handle what life throws at you, but through our Ready to Launch program, you can gain the knowledge needed to live a healthy life. 

We empower teens to understand and fulfill their potential in life by education and encouragement. 

Young Adult Rehab Program Details >


If you have an established career or need to navigate work-life during recovery, this is the program for you.

We help you re-enter the workforce by providing you information on cultivating a healthy work-life balance, maintaining recovery while traveling, and repairing relationships with HR and management that might have been affected during addiction.

We can help you get your career back on track and overcome addiction.

Executive Rehab Program Details >

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Are Partial Hospitalization Programs Effective?

Now that you have a better understanding of what PHP rehab actually is, you may be wondering, are these programs actually effective in helping clients overcome addiction. Partial hospitalization programs are often included in the overarching outpatient treatment process and have been found to be effective and in some cases just as effective as inpatient rehab.

PHP Treatment at Cornerstone Healing Center

Cornerstone Healing Center was founded by a team with first-hand experience with addiction recovery. By overlapping science with spirituality, we create an environment where a seemingly miraculous healing event sufficient to overcome addiction can happen in a short amount of time. 

Our PHP drug rehab facilitates a culture that feels like family. Through love and support, we help our clients through their darkest times and most difficult moments. We offer transparency, professionalism, and a level of caring that is unique to healthcare. 

Addiction affects more than the body.  It penetrates every area of life, including mental health and spirituality. 

We provide our clients with the tools they need to have a healthier life in all aspects. 

From learning the life skills needed to be a productive member of society and a loving family member to mastering healthy nutrition and fitness routines, clients get the help they need to be the best versions of themselves.

Call our confidential toll-free number now for help for you or a loved one. Reach us at (800)-643-2108 or click Live Chat to speak with one of our caring team members now about our treatment options or a partial hospitalization program.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the important questions.

for yourself

Yes, partial hospitalization is covered by insurance. Your insurance company will inform you what you must pay for your deductible before insurance can cover the rest of the bill for you.

The Affordable Care Act is making it possible for insurance companies to cover alcohol and drug rehab programs. The important thing to note is that how much is covered depends on your policy. 

Ready to find out what’s covered so that you can make your next move? Let us verify your insurance. We will find out what’s covered, what’s not, and even if we can’t help you, we will point you towards a program that can. 

The cost for PHP depends on several different factors. If you’re using a health insurance policy, what’s covered would be anything after your deductible.

If you’re paying with cash, we will work with you to ensure that treatment is accessible. 

Payment plans are also available. Give us a call to discuss further. 

Partial hospitalization includes process groups, life skills, psycho-education, history and physical, psych eval, and bio-psychosocial. 

It also includes individual therapy (60 minutes per week), family sessions, crisis intervention, fitness therapy, nutrition classes, meals, and transportation. 

It is an intensive program that helps build a solid foundation of recovery. 

Partial hospitalization can work for those fighting drug and alcohol dependence. You will have regular attention from qualified treatment clinicians at Cornerstone. 

We have seen great success from clients who have gone through our PHP program. Cornerstone has proven that it’s programs results in twice as much positive change as similar programs. 

Partial hospitalization is roughly 6-8 hours per day, 5 days a week. The program lasts depending on the severity of your drug or alcohol problem.

Partial hospitalization without insurance would depend on the arrangements made and the length of the program. Give us a call today and let us know that you plan on getting into a program without insurance. We love to work out the financial issues to create the possibility of getting treatment.

Lacking insurance benefits should not be your main reason for not seeking treatment. If needed, we can develop a unique payment plan fitting your income so that you can get the treatment you need and pay your bill as soon as possible.

After partial hospitalization, you may transition into an intensive outpatient treatment program or our regular outpatient treatment program. 

It’s important to note that every person’s treatment plan is different; what is recommended for you might be different than what is recommended for someone else. 

Yes, you can smoke while you are in partial hospitalization. However, it will be within controlled environments to facilitate your smoking habits.

We want to be sure that it also does not affect non-smokers in the building and that’s why we have designated smoking areas.

for a loved one

If your loved one has had a minor addiction to drugs or alcohol, and they come to you for help, that is how you know they are ready for a PHP. Connect them to our resources so they can get started receiving help when they are ready.

Intervention is always an option if you feel that your loved one is not ready. No matter your situation with your loved one, give us a call, and we can discuss your options. 

If your loved one doesn’t want to get help, it can be difficult to navigate. 

One way to convince them to come into treatment is to stage an intervention. If you’d like more information on intervention services, call us

If staging an intervention is not an option at the moment, we can also attempt to talk to your loved one. We can help them see that recovery is possible.

Treatment starts with admitting that one has a drug addiction. For some, the realization will hit them quickly after becoming addicted.

For others, it can take months or years for them to realize they are addicted. 

When given no choice, many will go to treatment. In treatment, some slowly realized that they have a problem.

Intervention could be a viable option if they don’t see that they have a problem. Intervention processes highlight personality and lifestyle have changed since they started regularly. The idea is to point out facts, not feelings, about their use so that they have no choice but to see the reality. 

Come to family therapy sessions to get involved with your loved one’s partial hospitalization program. You can reconnect and rebuild your relationship for it to be even better than before their drug addiction started. Healing is a process; you must be physically present regularly to make it happen.

We understand your concern if your loved one leaves partial hospitalization. However, it is the client’s choice as to whether they want to receive treatment or forgo it.

We will never allow a client to leave without medical advice without an attempt to thoroughly convince them to stay. 

In time, if they are ready to come back and continue, our doors will be open. That is, of course if there has been no extremely problematic behavior on behalf of the client. 

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