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About Cornerstone Healing

Established in 2017 in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cornerstone Healing Center was inspired by Estil Wallace, who, after his journey to recovery, was compelled to provide a platform for others to experience the same transformative healing that reshaped his life. With an intuitive understanding of the essentials for lasting recovery, Estil convened a dedicated team which has grown remarkably from its modest origins.

At Cornerstone, we underline the importance of:

Authentic human connection: We believe meaningful relationships are crucial for successful recovery.
Character development and integrity: We foster a nurturing environment for our clients to grow and evolve, emphasizing the value of honesty and strong moral principles.
The willingness to change and heal: We encourage our clients to embrace change as the first step towards their healing journey.
Accountability: We promote responsibility for one’s actions, as it empowers individuals during their recovery.
Learning to embrace challenges: We instill resilience in our clients, teaching them the value of perseverance and growth from adversity.
Giving back to the community: We advocate the practice of altruism, encouraging our clients to contribute positively to society as part of their recovery process.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a safe environment for healing and long term recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. Through passion, structure, soul-searching, and fun; we seek to change lives from the inside out.

Our Mission

We believe in helping people broken by addiction to heal mind, body, and spirit. By overlapping science with spirituality, we create an environment where a seemingly miraculous healing event sufficient to bring about recovery can happen rapidly.

Meet the Cornerstone Scottsdale Team

Cornerstone Healing Center has established its place as one of the best drug rehabs in Scottsdale, Arizona. We offer 6 different drug rehab programs with customizable treatment plans. Our clients remain with us as long as necessary for their success. We provide thorough evaluations to match clients with the right treatment plan, setting them up for the best possible outcome.

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Our Treatment Clinical Team

Lionel Estrada, LISAC

Clinical Directory

Lionel is a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC) and has been with Cornerstone for over 4 years, beginning as a Primary Therapist then moving into the Clinical Director role. Lionel’s passion for helping people shattered by addiction has led him to become a fully trained EMDR therapist as well as a Certified Clinical Trauma Therapist. “Recognizing that drugs and alcohol are only part of the equation has opened my heart and mind to becoming trauma informed in my approach to helping our most broken fellow human beings.”

Dr. Stacey Smith PHD

Chief Clinical Officer

Stacey is a licensed psychologist in Arizona and Texas and has worked in the addiction field in residential and IOP settings since 2010. He has a wide variety of experience in addiction, including working with individuals who suffer from addictions to alcohol, drugs, intimacy/relationships, sex, and gaming addictions. Early in his career, Dr. Smith trained in EMDR techniques, knowing the critical role that trauma work plays in the recovery process. Most recently, an examination of how the brain works and how technology can play a key role in client recovery has been a focus of his work.

Our Treatment Operations Team

Estil Wallace


Estil has worked in the recovery field for 12 years. He has served as the organization’s Executive Director, Board Member, and President. Estil has also worked directly with alcoholics and drug addicts inside the Maricopa County jail system, including Tent City, Lower Buckeye, Durango, and Towers Jail. Estil has over 14 years of experience with inside/outside sales, management, networking, and digital marketing. He believes that anyone who can heal must have the willingness to change.

Marcus Clark

Executive Director/COO

Marcus has worked in the Mental Health / Substance Abuse field for over 5 years. Marcus specializes in developing and managing substance abuse and mental health programs. He has worked with Phoenix Fire and Police Departments, developing processes for training, managing, community involvement, and coordination between various mental health organizations. He has also worked with Pinnacle Peak Recovery, Scottsdale Providence Recovery Center, and three mental health disorder programs for Community Bridges and Empact SPC.

Cornerstone in the Community

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