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Sober Companion PROGRAM in Scottsdale, AZ

At Cornerstone, we offer a sober companion program for those who must continue to work and travel but need all of the support of a treatment team. Our Sober Companions program isa private service for those whose schedule does not permit spending time at a treatment center or attending programs regularly in one place. 

Cornerstone Healing Center of Scottsdale provides a unique service for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to receive care. From athletes to musicians, we provide you with a team that you can take on the road. Do you live in a remote area that makes it hard to attend addiction programs at our facility? Are you filming on set somewhere outside of Scottsdale? We can bring the treatment to you. Call us about our sober companions today.

Support and structure outside of a tradition treatment environment can be vital for success in long term sobriety. Cornerstone’s Sober Companion program provides sober accountability and resources to anyone looking to recover from addiction who isn’t in a position to check into a program.

What is a sober companion?

A sober companion can be your shield against relapse after treatment. In the early months of recovery, temptation and relapse can strike any time. Maintaining sobriety is a remarkably tough task to achieve alone. However, we can’t put off certain aspects of life. We have a solution with our sober companion services for those who must meet current obligations like away games, tours, on-location filming, business trips, out-of-town meetings, or even vacation. While you live your life and take on your career, our team will have your back. Our Sober Companions program removes that barrier for you, allowing you a team on the go.

What Makes Cornerstone Sober Companionship Different From The Rest?

Through Cornerstone, you aren’t just provided with a single individual to help support you; you are provided with a team. We will assess your needs and create a tailored addiction treatment plan. Your team can meet regularly to discuss your progress, weigh in for guidance, and provide the support you need to cultivate successful and durable recovery without needing to enter a facility. Our staff can coordinate with you to develop a team that fits your individual needs.

What's Included in our Sober Campion Program

  • Sober support anywhere you need to be: Cornerstone offers clients who can’t enter our treatment center care on the road they can count on. Our team is willing to travel on set or tour depending on your needs, supporting you during high-stress and tight schedules. 
  • A full-time certified recovery specialist: Our specialists are experts in addiction recovery. On your team, they serve as your mentor, motivator, and advocate. Your recovery specialist can help you develop a treatment plan that will bring you on target for a successful recovery as you improve on the road; your recovery specialist will monitor your progress and keep you on track. 

Short-Term Sobriety Companions

Short-term sober companions perform many critical functions not typically found in treatment, like traveling with an individual during important events such as concerts, on-location filming, away games, business meetings, or family reunions. These stressful events can often precede a relapse for new individuals in recovery.

Sobriety companions can help you remain grounded and recovery-focused during committed events, providing encouragement, emotional support, and accountability during high-stress situations. Your companion can ensure long-term recovery without letting the stresses bog you down by providing essential support when needed most.

Long-Term Sobriety Companions

Sober companions can provide concierge support to those who cannot commit to putting their life or career on hold to go into treatment for drug, alcohol, or mental health issues. These are often longer-term assignments, where companions travel with or even live with a client for months or longer. 

For example, clients may prefer a long-term companion to accompany them on tour with a band, on-location shooting a TV show or film, or living in remote areas with little support for a sober lifestyle. In cases like these, the companion often works as an integral part of a team to help you begin and maintain your recovery journey.

Begin your Recovery Experience

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Our goal is to inspire and empower. We have done our jobs if we can guide someone to find long-term sobriety and build a new life. Our sober companion program provides the proper support, guidance, and peer-based human connection to bridge the gap from early recovery to long-term abstinence. 

In addition, we have sober companionship available for those who cannot commit to treatment, cannot avoid traveling, or just need companionship through the early stages of sobriety.

Cornerstone Healing Center’s sober companion program offers accountability wherever you are. We bring the support of rehab to you. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, but cannot enter a treatment center because of their career, call now to talk with one of our team members about how we can help. Your life-saving team and sober companion is just a phone call away.

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