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Scottsdale Outpatient Rehab Center

Cornerstone Healing Center’s outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Arizona is designed for those who need flexible one on one support for addiction. 

Our outpatient treatment program focuses on helping clients begin to learn how to thrive without substances by providing: 

  • Group therapy 
  • Individual therapy 
  • Process Groups
  • Psycho-education 
  • Family Therapy 
  • Lifeskills 

In outpatient, clients can still access a supportive healing environment that keeps them on their journey of healing from addiction. 


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Deciding to get sober is hard.
Getting help shouldn’t be.

Our team is here to help you navigate the process so you can focus on what really matters- your recovery.

At Cornerstone, our expert staff helps those who seek support for drug and alcohol addiction envision and create a sober future. We specialize helping those who have difficulty staying sober, experience frequent relapses, and need a healthy environment to learn how to live a happy and fulfilling life without drugs and alcohol.

What to Expect Cornerstone’s Outpatient Rehab Center

The staff’s philosophy at our outpatient rehab center is founded on the belief that holistic healing in addiction treatment produces the best long-term results. We provide special focus on building up all of the areas that addiction tears down.

Our treatment curriculum is comprised of traditional and alternative methods addiction treatment methods. Our goal is to help our clients pick up the pieces of their lives and put them back together, creating a new path to happiness and fulfillment. 

Treatments and Therapies at Cornerstone include:

Outpatient is an Integral to the Recovery Process

Outpatient rehab for addiction can be an essential part of the recovery process. 

Our outpatient rehab in Scottsdale is designed to cater to the needs of people with substance abuse disorders that are stable enough to fulfill their daily obligations and control their triggers and cravings without supervision.

Cornerstone Healing Center’s outpatient treatment for addiction is designed for individuals who are ready to grow out in the world but still need a consistently solid and supportive recovery environment

Clients come to our Scottsdale outpatient office and then return home where they can put what they’ve learned into action. 

Treatment at Cornerstone is designed for therapy-based treatment where the individual suffering from substance abuse disorder visits the center on a provided schedule.

The schedule allows them to spend 3-4 hours at our outpatient office, where they receive individual therapy or group therapy, where addiction and mental health concerns are treated together.

The clients receive guidance regarding their problems, such as relationship issues, discuss their current difficulties, and ask questions regarding their treatment. 

Who is Outpatient Treatment Ideal For?

At Cornerstone Healing Center’s outpatient treatment center in Scottsdale, we offer 6 different levels of care that vary in intensity depending on how much time our clients can commit to, from Partial Hospitalization Program to outpatient services and everything in between. 

Outpatient treatment is typically offered to our clients if we feel they are at a point where they don’t require the level of intensity that comes with inpatient or residential treatment. They have the support needed at home to work or attend classes while receiving treatment for their addiction.

These services require fewer hours and meetings than intensive outpatient care. Our intensive outpatient program will usually a solid half-day of programming and therapy. In contrast, our standard outpatient program requires less than that, giving you the time needed to continue going to work or caring for your family.

Outpatient treatment services offer flexibility for individuals with family responsibilities they can’t neglect and others who want to continue working or attending school as they navigate getting the help they need.

As you complete treatment and graduate to the outpatient stage, our staff assists you with integrating back into your lives, ensuring a smooth transition. Post-treatment, we offer aftercare services like continued therapy sessions and navigation through goal-setting and career planning.

Outpatient Treatment Therapies at Cornerstone Include

Cornerstone ensures during the process of recovery; you receive the support, love, care, and affection that will help you persist despite the difficulties.

Many of Cornerstone’s staff are also in recovery and they help motivate and guide our clients through their own recovery process.

To ensure an effective recovery, we tackle multiple issues at once by collaborating on different forms of therapy.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a one-on-one session with a trained professional. A session covers all aspects of an individual’s life beyond addiction. 

The focus is on significant mental, physical, and emotional challenges that they might be facing in life due to addiction. 

Appropriate counseling and therapy are provided to ensure a healthy and happy lifestyle for the individual through recognition and understanding of issues.

Group Therapy

Group therapy allows our clients to share their experiences and listen to others. It gives them a chance to develop a strong support system of other individuals who have experienced the same problems and can better understand their struggles.
They do not feel like they are alone in their battle and can take their peers’ motivation, guidance, and advice.

EMDR for Addiction

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR) is an effective treatment for individuals suffering from addiction, trauma, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our past or present trauma has a hold over our lives. One that often leads to addiction as a form of escape. Through EMDR, a therapist will help you overcome the effect of trauma on your life by reinforcing positive memories in their place.
The focus of the treatment is on how to change the trauma that an individual experienced and is quite effective for long-term recovery.

Yoga for Addiction

Yoga allows for a mind-body connection that helps you become more mindful of your daily activities. Recovering individuals will be able to control their impulses by understanding where their impulses are rooting from and treating them accordingly.
It also ensures that an individual is indulged in physical activity since it provides body regulation and reduces cravings.

Healing Relationships After Addiction

Watching a loved one suffer from an addiction disorder and not being able to help them is a difficult sight to witness. Addiction causes many hindrances in your relationships with your family and friends.

At our outpatient rehab center, we teach our clients relationship-building techniques that can help mend broken relationships. They can become more mindful of their acts affecting others and can work towards becoming dependable spouses, friends, or parents for their loved ones.

Begin your Recovery Experience

Start the Process of Recovery today

We care deeply about our clients at Cornerstone. Our dedicated staff empathizes with those struggling with addiction because many have been through addiction themselves. 

They are actively engaged in the recovery process, giving you the love, support, and honesty you need to achieve a full and lasting recovery.

Cornerstone feels like family. Getting the treatment you need that works for your situation is essential to your recovery.

 We remove the barriers that might keep someone from seeking treatment because we know how important it is to get better. We help our clients get on the right track and live life to the fullest.

Our outpatient treatment center gives our clients an immersive approach unlike anything you will find in the Scottsdale area. 

We accept most insurances and are willing to work out a payment plan that fits your needs. Finances should never be a barrier to receiving help.

It’s never too late to receive help for addiction. Reach out today at (800) 643-2108 to learn more about outpatient treatment or other levels of care that we offer.


Our outpatient rehab facility is located in Scottsdale, Arizona off the 101 North close to West World. The address is 16444 N 91st St, Building H Scottsdale AZ 85260. If you need help with directions please give us a call at (800) 643-2108.

An outpatient rehab is an excellent option for seeking treatment for substance abuse or addiction. Clients attend regular counseling sessions and participate in recovery activities throughout the week that is tailored to their individual needs.

This program allows individuals to remain active in their daily lives while still receiving structure and support as they progress in their recovery.

Outpatient rehab also combines treatments such as individual, group, family, and holistic therapies that are designed to create an atmosphere of understanding and promote healing.

The combination of these services helps patients make lasting changes in their lives, move forward with greater self-awareness and confidence, and forge healthier life paths.

With its advantages, outpatient rehab is ideal for those who want to break free from the chains of addiction while still maintaining regular routines and responsibilities.

An outpatient drug rehab provides process groups, life skills classes, therapies, and much more.  Our program runs on a weekly schedule that includes groups and classes where you learn how to overcome addiction.

Our outpatient substance abuse program is ideal for individuals who at low risk for relapse or for those who are no longer in the early stages of addiction. The program can assist in preventing relapses by ensuring that they can receive adequate support without constant supervision.

Suppose you or your loved one have recently completed a rehab program for recovery and require additional support to reinforce healthy habits and manage cravings. In that case, an outpatient program for addiction will allow them to rely on professionals, therapies, and groups to give them the extra confidence they need to succeed. 

Additionally, if you have obligations to fulfill to yourself, your family, or your children, an outpatient program for addition will allow you to juggle your responsibilities and get treatment. However, this requires a strong support system of family and friends that can help you stay on track and check on you from time to time.

Substance abuse disorders can lead to other co-occurring conditions as well. If an individual’s substance abuse disorder results from mental health decline, it is ideal for them to rely on an outpatient substance abuse program. Through adequate support for their mental health, a professional will be able to guide them on improving their coping skills to eliminate their desire for an escape.

The answer is that it varies. Health insurance coverage may offset all or the majority of your costs. Cornerstone will work with you to find the best price if you pay the program out-of-pocket. 

Unsure of how much your health insurance will cover? We can take the guesswork out of the equation. Begin the process of insurance verification now.

We will reach out to your insurance company and get all of the fine details related to what your plan covers.

Insurance can help cover the expenses of an outpatient program. Outpatient coverage is made possible under the Affordable Care Act. Rehab must be covered for patients suffering from an alcohol or drug use disorder because it is considered a mental health disorder by the DSM-5.  So, outpatient programs are covered by most health insurance plans.
An outpatient program would still be $3,000 to $10,000 without insurance. However, lack of insurance should not be why you forgo seeking treatment for addiction. We can create a payment plan that works best for your income and expenses so that you can worry about getting better and paying your bill later. Give us a call today to discuss your options. If we can’t help you, we will point you towards a treatment center that can.
Outpatient programs do work, and there’s evidence to prove that. Most importantly, note that outpatient programs are effective for those who have been through higher levels of care and are ready to have a less intensive approach.
Outpatient program lengths vary depending on your needs and schedule. It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation.

After the outpatient step, you will go to the aftercare step.

Aftercare looks different for each client. For some, aftercare starts with moving on to recovery-based housing or moving back home with your family.

The important thing to know is that we are here for you after treatment. Cornerstone’s alumni program stays in touch with those who have finished treatment with us.

We also offer a sober companion program and a sober coaching program that are extremely helpful in learning how to navigate life after treatment. 

At Cornerstone, we allow smoking on all levels of care. Most importantly, we have designated smoking areas and specific times when patients are allowed to smoke.

As long as you abide by the rules, smoking is permitted. Please smoke only in the designated areas so that we do not adversely affect patients who are non-smokers.

Being ready and willing to accept help can be tricky for those in active addiction.

They may be tired of what they go through every day. In recovery, we often call this the gift of desperation. It doesn’t feel like a positive thing at the time, but it propels them to make the life-saving choice to begin treatment. 

It’s the time when people are ready to accept help because they know they can’t keep living the way they are. When this happens, you must act and get your loved one help. 

As for others, who may be on the fence or perhaps totally unwilling, don’t lose hope. You can still arrange for your loved one to get help. 

If necessary, intervention is always an option to help them see their dire need for addiction treatment. 

If your loved one does not want to attend an outpatient program, you can’t force them. However, you can implement boundaries and stop behaviors that prevent them from feeling addiction’s consequences. 

It’s even possible to seek out help via an interventionist. 

If your loved one is refusing treatment, please call us; we can help guide you in the right direction. 

It can take a while for addicted people to realize they have a problem. Admitting their problem and seeking help are the first two steps to seeking treatment to be possible.

However, your loved one doesn’t fully have to be on board with the fact that they have a problem. 

We often hear from our clients that they began treatment to please others or accomplish a specific goal. Once clients are in treatment for a certain amount of time, they realize their problem is serious.  After this realization, they put in everything towards building a solid foundation in recovery. 

We always offer family therapy for our outpatient clients. Come to the family therapy sessions when you can to re-establish the bond between you and your loved one. You can also come during visiting hours to see them. You may also not mind dropping them off at their outpatient session so you can have some time to spend talking to them in the drive-in.

At Cornerstone, we do our best to encourage clients to stay within our care to get the help they need. Sometimes, clients leave treatment early, which is not a good thing. 

If your loved one leaves a treatment program early, it’s a high indication that a relapse could be imminent. In this case, you will want to develop and maintain strong boundaries. When clients feel the consequences of their actions and know you will not allow the dynamic to return to how it was, they often decide to come back. 

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