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Cornerstone Healing Center provides a transformative residential drug rehab in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

We understand that our clients are searching for a path to a new life. Our job is to help them fulfill the potential deep within them. 

Using a mind, body, and spirit approach, our clinicians guide our clients on healing that secures long-term recovery.

Our residential treatment center is among the best drug rehab centers in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our clients have continued to find success, happiness, and love and rebuild relationships lost because of addiction.   

Helping people find their way out of addiction is our passion. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing a person rise out of the ashes of addiction as a strong, courageous, and confident person ready to take on the world. 

Reach out today to learn more about getting started with our residential treatment center and see how our residential treatment program can help you. 
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Deciding to get sober is hard. Getting help shouldn’t be.

Our team is here to help you navigate the process so you can focus on what really matters- your recovery.

Our informational video can help you understand how Cornerstone Healing Center’s residential drug rehab works to help individuals attain sobriety. We motivate and empower our patients to continue strengthening their ability to remain sober.

Learn about our residential treatment center.

Cornerstone's Residential program for drug and alcohol addiction

We understand that integrating back into everyday life is among the most challenging transitions in recovery after a residential drug rehab. 

Therefore, the tools one will develop with our treatment program will prepare individuals for the every day challenges. Such tools include:

  • Learning how to curb impulses and cravings
  • Restoring purpose and meaning to one’s life
  • Developing the emotional range and confidence needed to sustain sobriety
  • Building up emotional intelligence and the frustration tolerance needed to cope with everyday life

what to expect at Cornerstone's residential Drug Rehab

Residential drug rehab is a level of care where the client lives in the facility during their treatment for a substance use disorder which can include addiction to alcohol or substances. 

At Cornerstone, clients will go through several different evidence-based treatment modalities and therapeutic interventions during their stay. 

Our residential treatment center curriculum focuses on inner healing from trauma, changing thought patterns, and developing the emotional intelligence needed to take on life. 

Clients have access to nursing staff and 24-hour wake staff and are cared for at every turn. The client-to-staff ratio is 1:1 at the residential level of care. 

Residential also includes an initial psychiatric evaluation, bio-psychosocial evaluation, and medical exams to ensure clients are in good overall health.  

Fitness training, nutritional meals, meditation, yoga, and other forms of groups are also included in this level of care. 

What you'll learn at our Scottsdale Residential dRUG REHAB

Residential treatment at Cornerstone Healing Center, individuals overcome mental health and addiction challenges and find their footing in life.

What You’ll Learn at Our Residential drug Rehab 

Building a Strong Sober Network: Addiction is a disease of isolation and it has been proven isolation can have a devastating impact on the brain during active addiction. Being among others on the same path of recovery is beneficial because it provides a human connection.

 Therefore, a more supportive and nurturing environment enables individuals to develop the social skills they need to continue to have healthy relationships in their life. 

The relationships one makes with themselves, professionals, and peers are foundational to recovery. 

It helps to have a strong support network to fall back on when navigating their relationships outside treatment.

Expanding the Recovery Toolbox: We help to teach our clients the necessary tools to stay sober and to handle life with grace and a level head. Therefore, they can navigate day-to-day life more confidently.

Comfortable Luxury Setting: Getting onto the road to recovery requires great courage. Often, individuals do not seek any care for fear of being vulnerable. 

At Cornerstone, we understand that each individual navigates the healing process at different paces; therefore, our staff will never pressure individuals to accomplish something when they are not ready. 

Instead, our programs help to nurture one’s needs by offering more support and resources to help them navigate challenging situations within themselves and treatment.

Begin your Recovery Experience

What is Recovery?

Our Scottsdale Residential Drug Rehab

  • Builds you up strong in recovery 
  • Our clinicians teach you all you need to know about addiction and recovery
  • Immerses you in recovery and healing 
  • Gets to and heals the root of your addiction
  • Treats you for any co-occurring disorders
  • Connects you with a vast supportive recovery community

scottsdale cornerstone's unique approach to addiction

We believe in helping people broken by addiction by providing a holistic healing environment that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. 

Cornerstone overlaps science with spirituality, creating an environment where miraculous healing occurs and often does so rapidly.

We accomplish this by providing an in-depth screening process and then working and developing a relationship with each individual to find appropriate treatments and therapies. 

Our therapies and treatments range from conventional to alternative at rehab – we implement what works and get rid of what doesn’t. 

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Our goal is to help you sustain recovery for a lifetime. 

The approach to treatment and therapies that we provide aims to inspire, motivate, and empower those that seek care to continue to pursue the life they deserve. 

Cornerstone not only provides addiction treatment but resources to aid you every step of the way to ensure that you always have support to fall back on.

Cornerstone Healing Center has one of the best Scottsdale residential rehab centers providing you with both a conventional and experiential approach to therapy. 

With 24/7 admissions and a live chat system, there is never a wrong time to reach out.

If you or a loved one is currently struggling to overcome a mental health or substance use disorder, the time to seek help is today. 

For more information about our rehab, call us at (800) 643-2108.

our residential clinical staff

Meet our passionate, caring, and compassionate staff at our
Scottsdale residential treatment center.

Karen Williams, LPC

Clinical Director

Lionel Estrada, lisac

Primary Therapist


About Care at Our Residential Drug Rehab Center

Cornerstone’s residential rehab is covered by insurance. You will have to pay a designated deductible based on the parameters of your insurance policy.

Then, your insurance benefits will kick in to cover the remaining percentage based on covered services.

Some health insurance policies cover all or most of the treatment. However, others require a deductible to be met, and the amount varies from policy to policy.

If you’re unsure what your health insurance policy covers, fill out our insurance verification form.

Our admissions can do the work of calling your insurance company and getting your specific policy information. If we cannot help you, we will assist you in finding other options.

The cost of Cornerstone’s residential rehab varies on if you have insurance or not, how much your health insurance policy covers, and the length needed of your stay. 

Contact us today for direct pricing information based on your financial and health insurance policy situation. 

Our program helps you begin the process of focusing on learning how to live life without substances.

In residential you will have:

  • Nursing staff
  • 24-hour behavioral staff
  • Chef prepared meals
  • 1 to 1 client to staff ratio
  • Fitness Training
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Process Group and Life Skills
  • Initial Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Bio Psychosocial Evaluation
  • Medical Follow up
  • Individual Therapy and Group Therapy
  • Intake Assessment
  • Case Management

Residential rehab does work. We’ve seen it time and time again. Clients who commit themselves to the program achieve amazing results.

 Our treatment program is designed to enact a spiritual, physical, and mental change in all of our clients.

We’ve seen individuals make amazing changes to their lives.

Residential rehab programs vary depending on the type, severity, and history of addiction. 

If we offered a one-size-fits-all program to all of our clients, we would not achieve optimal results for our clients.

Our clinicians will assess your situation and make determinations based on that assessment.

Also, remember that many policies have “days per year” caps on certain levels of care.

Don’t stress about this, though, because we handle all of this and will guide and inform you throughout your stay in treatment.

Because of the many variables that come into play when determining residential rehab costs, it’s better that you give us a call. 

Please get in touch with our admissions team if you do not have insurance and are worried about cost. 

Residential rehab can be costly, but many options are available to make it work for you and your financial situation.

If we can’t help you, we will point you towards another facility that can. 

Residential rehab requires individuals to put a hold on their lives and dedicate the entirety of their time to work on themselves and their sobriety.

Outpatient rehab allows individuals to continue their daily life obligations while taking out a portion of their day to dedicate to their learning and recovery.

In both of these rehab programs, the focus is on providing a patient with the appropriate treatment and therapies that will help them recover.

The professionals at the rehab centers offer alternatives to current destructive habits and assist you in developing habits that will help you remain sober.

However, an outpatient program is not ideal for those experiencing a severe addiction to drugs or alcohol. In cases of severe addiction, it is almost always recommended that individuals complete a residential or inpatient program. 

A severe addiction is life-threatening, and the severity of the impulses will lead to decisions that can harm your physical, mental, and emotional health. In these cases, it’s important to have medical and clinical supervision throughout the treatment process. 

A residential program is “inpatient” in that you stay at Cornerstone residential facilities overnight as you go through your treatment. Residential treatment will most benefit you if you struggle with severe addiction. Call or fill out the insurance verification form if you have questions about the best place to start. 

Once the difficult part of the recovery process is completed, an outpatient program will be an ideal program to begin stepping into everyday life while maintaining sobriety. 

After Residential rehab, you will continue the treatment process by stepping down to another level of care. 

The level of care could be Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, or our Outpatient Program.

You can learn about our other programs here.

Rest assured, you’ll be taken care of every step of the way.

We are a rehab that allows smoking. While we allow smoking at our treatment center at all levels of care, you can only do so in designated areas. Smoking is a personal choice, and we will allow it as long as it is in a controlled environment so that it does not affect non-smokers.

At Cornerstone, we understand the need for our clients to be able to stay connected with the outside world. Therefore, we are a drug rehab center that allows our clients to use their smartphones. However, we have a short period at the beginning of treatment where having access to your smartphone is not permitted, usually about one week. 

After that short period, you have your phone for certain times of day when groups are not in session.

The answer to this question varies from person to person. Usually, you will know you are ready when you are given the gift of desperation. But, it’s also a myth that you must hit rock bottom before you’d be willing to accept help. 

The fact that you’re considering walking in the door is a huge step to take. It may surprise you, but many clients who walk through the doors of Cornerstone aren’t completely ready at the start of their treatment journey. It’s only by giving rehab a chance that they find out they are willing to do the work. 

Only you know when you are ready to accept and recover from your substance abuse disorder. 

You will know your loved one is ready for addiction treatment when they are willing to give a program a chance. 

It may take a lot to get to this point. You may even be unsure about their willingness to follow through.

However, getting them into the doors of Cornerstone is often the first step on their transformative journey of healing.

An intervention is always an option for those unwilling to give treatment.

You will know your loved one is ready for addiction treatment when they are willing to give treatment a try. 

It may take a lot to get to this point. You may even be unsure about their willingness to follow through.

However, getting them into the doors of Cornerstone is often the first step on their transformative journey of healing.

For those who are unwilling to give treatment, an intervention is always an option.

If your loved one does not see that they have a problem, it can be a frustrating situation. 

All of the evidence points to the fact that they have a major problem, but they might seem oblivious, or make excuses.

The first step you can take is to educate your loved one on the signs of symptoms of addiction.

It’s important to start allowing your loved one to feel the consequences of their drug use. Often times, it’s in our nature to want to soften their fall when it comes to the consequences of addiction.

If you’d like us to speak to your loved one about our program and how we can help them, give us a call and let’s talk.

If your loved one leaves treatment, this is referred to leaving AMA or Against Medical Advice.

We always have our doors open if your loved one wishes to come back and try again.

However, there are situations where certain behaviors prevent us from being able to readmit clients.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy.

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