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If you’re starting your journey towards recovery, the first step is to research your options. If you have Meritain insurance, you may be able to access the drug rehabilitation care you need.

At Cornerstone Healing Center, we’re proud to accept Meritain insurance. This allows us to offer comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs to those who need substance abuse recovery support.

We’re committed to providing personalized, high-quality care, combining evidence-based and holistic therapies to promote healing and sustainable recovery.

Let’s discuss the specifics of your Meritain coverage and how it can benefit you. We’ll provide information about our various programs and show you how we can collaborate to help you build a healthier, substance-free future!


carelon substance abuse coverage

Our Residential Treatment Programs offer thorough and ongoing support to those dealing with substance abuse issues. We blend detoxification processes, therapeutic counseling, and holistic methods for recovery. We utilize evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and integrate mindfulness practices, yoga, and nutrition therapy into our regimen. Our objective is to assist individuals in tackling the root causes of their addiction and provide them with robust strategies for sustained recovery and preventing relapse.

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Our Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) for substance abuse deliver a detailed and organized recovery pathway. Running five days a week and lasting six hours each day, PHP offers rigorous daytime treatment that encompasses therapy, group activities, and holistic methods, all without the need for overnight accommodation. This format is designed to assist participants in confronting and managing their addiction, equipping them with essential tools and support for enduring sobriety. PHP fosters accountability and motivates participants to implement their newly acquired skills in everyday scenarios.

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Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) serves as the initial phase, followed by the Standard Outpatient Program. The latter is scheduled three days a week and offers flexible hours to accommodate personal obligations and duties. These Outpatient Programs encompass a range of therapeutic interventions, such as one-on-one counseling, group therapy sessions, and skill-building workshops. Through our holistic approach, we provide a nurturing journey towards recovery and restoring lives impacted by addiction.

Meritain Health Insurance

Meritain Health, part of the Aetna family, is an excellent customized health insurance solution provider specializing in self-funded health plans. The company is known for its ability to offer adaptable healthcare services that cater to the unique needs of its members.1 Meritain’s affiliation with Aetna, one of the leading health insurance providers in the United States, gives it access to a vast network of healthcare providers and resources, enabling it to provide comprehensive coverage and services tailored to the specific requirements of its clients. Meritain strongly emphasizes wellness and preventive measures, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of its customers.


Meritain Health Insurance provides extensive coverage for substance abuse treatment, emphasizing the crucial need for accessible and high-quality care for individuals struggling with addiction. Through its partnership with Aetna, Meritain offers its members a wide range of treatment options, including detoxification processes, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, therapy sessions, and support groups.2 Meritain advocates for a comprehensive recovery plan that often includes evidence-based treatments and personalized programs tailored to the unique needs of each individual on their path to recovery. Meritain is committed to fostering lasting recovery and improving its members’ health and well-being by promoting diverse therapeutic methods.

Alumni Client Family Testimonial

I feel like Cornerstone gave him all the right tools. He knew how to do it. It was something we could have never done. I just could totally see kind of a personality change in him of wanting, and knowing, that he could achieve and do higher things and greater things. That has to be the people (at Cornerstone).”

Nicole A. - Mother of a Cornerstone Alumni

What Addictions Does Meritain Cover?

Addictions Covered by Meritain

Meritain Health Insurance provides extensive coverage for substance abuse disorders, encompassing alcohol and drug rehabilitation services. Below are some addictions our Arizona facilities treat, which your Meritain Health Insurance typically covers:

Understanding Your Meritain Health Insurance Card

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Card Front

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Meet Our Expert Clinical Team

lionel estrada LISAC headshot clinical director scottsdale

Clinical Director of Scottsdale Program

Lionel is a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC) with over 4 years at Cornerstone. Passionate about helping those with addiction and mental health struggles, and he has trained as an EMDR therapist, adopting a trauma-informed approach to find and treat underlying root causes with empathy. 

nate bush lmsw headshot clinical lead scottsdale

Clinical Director of Phoenix Program

Nate began his recovery journey in 2010 and earned a Master’s in Social Work from ASU. He’s been in the Behavioral Health field since 2013. Specializing in CBT, DBT, and grief, Nate is now the Clinical Director of our Phoenix program, underlined by his passion for helping others who struggled with substance abuse issues as he did. 

FAQs About Meritain Health

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about Meritain Health rehab coverage.

What types of drug rehab programs is covered?

Meritain Health provides extensive coverage for substance abuse and mental health treatments designed to accommodate a variety of needs.

Here’s a simplified breakdown of what’s covered, along with explanations for each:

Substance Abuse Treatment:

  • Alcoholism: Covers all stages of alcohol addiction recovery, including detoxification, inpatient or outpatient treatment, ongoing therapy, and aftercare. Medically-assisted detox is emphasized for safety.3
  • Prescription Drug Abuse: Supports treatments for misuse of prescription medications with options for residential, outpatient, and intensive care.
  • Street Drug Abuse: Offers coverage for the treatment of illicit drug use, including specialized programs for substances like cocaine, fentanyl, and methamphetamine.4
  • Co-occurring Disorders: Provides integrated treatment for individuals diagnosed with both substance abuse and mental health issues, recognizing the complexity of dual diagnosis.

Types of Treatment Programs:

  • Residential: Inpatient care with comprehensive therapy options and medical management.
  • Partial Hospitalization: Day programs providing structured treatment and support are crucial for recovery continuity.
  • Standard Outpatient: Flexible treatment sessions for individuals balancing recovery with daily responsibilities.
  • Intensive Outpatient: More frequent and intensive therapy sessions than standard outpatient care, designed for deeper engagement without full-time residency.

Detox Programs:

  • Essential for safely managing withdrawal symptoms under medical supervision, with the necessity depending on the substance involved.

Inpatient Rehab:

  • Patients stay within the facility, engaging in intensive therapies to develop healthy coping mechanisms and participate in group sessions to enhance interpersonal skills.

Outpatient Programs:

  • Suited for post-treatment support or those with less severe addictions, focusing on continued therapy and recovery support.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Phases:

  • From medically-assisted detox to aftercare, ensuring a comprehensive approach to alcohol addiction recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment:

  • Specialized care for those with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, involving a thorough assessment to create an integrated treatment plan.

Meritain Health aims to support individuals through every step of their recovery journey by offering a range of treatment options and emphasizing personalized care plans.

How do I find out what my policy covers?

If you want to know what your Meritain insurance policy covers, our Cornerstone team is here to help!

We’ll review your coverage to determine whether you’re eligible for our substance abuse treatment programs.

Our admissions team will ask you questions to gather the information they need about your policy.

This will help us understand your benefits.

But don’t worry; we’ll explain your coverage in a way that’s easy to understand.

To get started, go to our insurance verification page.

We’ll handle the rest and make sure you know everything you need to move forward with your recovery!

How many times will Meritain cover rehab?

Recovery from addiction is a continuous journey, and experiencing a relapse after rehab is a possibility that should not be seen as a setback.

Treating substance use disorders comes with the challenge of potential relapse, but it’s not a sign of failure.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that the relapse rate during recovery ranges from 40% to 60%.5

However, such cases can be utilized to develop prevention strategies, increasing the chances of maintaining sobriety in the long run.

Relapses can offer valuable insights and help rehabilitation professionals refine and modify the individual’s treatment plan.6

Meritain Health understands that treating substance use disorders can be a complicated process, and it is recognized that multiple attempts at rehabilitation may be necessary.

In most cases, insurance providers, including Meritain Health, will cover the cost of rehab treatments if it is deemed medically necessary, regardless of how many times an individual has previously been admitted to rehab.


lionel estrada LISAC headshot clinical director scottsdale

Lionel Estrada, LISAC


Lionel, a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC) with over 4 years at Cornerstone, specializes in addiction and mental health. Trained in EMDR therapy, he employs a trauma-informed, empathetic approach to address underlying causes of these issues.

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