December 19, 2022

How to go to Rehab for Alcohol

If you're struggling with alcoholism, seeking professional help is an important first step. Alcohol rehab can provide you with the support and resources you need to overcome addiction and get your life back on track.

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Table of Contents

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If you’re struggling with alcoholism, seeking professional help is an important first step. Alcohol rehab can provide you with the support and resources you need to overcome addiction and get your life back on track.

Choosing the right alcohol treatment facility for you is important. This guide will help you understand the process of getting help for an alcohol use disorder. With the right help, you can achieve lasting sobriety.

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How to go to rehab for alcohol

Seeking alcohol rehab can be intimidating, but know that you’re not alone. The medical professionals and counselors at alcohol rehab centers are here to guide you every step of the way. 

From the first phone call until after you leave treatment, they have the experience and expertise to provide you with the support and resources needed to make your alcohol rehabilitation successful. 

Upon arrival at a rehab center, you’ll receive an initial evaluation by a doctor or nurse to establish your alcohol usage patterns, mental health status, and other information needed for devising a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. 

There are tailored evidence-based treatments designed specifically with alcohol use in mind, giving you the professional support you need to help manage cravings, develop positive coping skills, and build healthier habits and relationships – all enabling success in recovery.

25.8 percent of Americans in 2019 admitted to binge drinking in the past month

The benefits of going to alcohol rehab

Alcohol rehab can be a daunting prospect, but the benefits provided by these programs are immeasurable. Despite facing their alcohol addiction, seeking treatment in alcohol rehab is one of the most important steps anyone struggling with alcohol dependency can take toward recovering their health and well-being.

 Programs offered in alcohol rehab not only provide skills to manage cravings and deal with life’s difficulties without alcohol and an environment where individuals can learn and grow in a safe setting surrounded by medical experts and practitioners who want to support them on their recovery journey. 

The long-term goal of alcohol rehab is for individuals to live a healthier lifestyle free from alcohol and substance abuse, making alcohol rehab a potentially life-changing experience for those who seek help for their addiction.

The cost of going to alcohol rehab

It can be difficult to decide to enter alcohol rehab, but doing so could be life-changing. It’s no secret that access to healthcare and rehabilitation services comes with a high cost, both emotionally and financially. 

Fortunately, multiple avenues are available for those who cannot afford treatment. It is important to weigh costs against potential benefits to decide how best to approach your or your loved one’s recovery journey. 

It is also important to remember that you are not alone: through governmental assistance, private insurance, and loan programs, assistance is out there for those seeking it—and starting this process could be the first step towards reclaiming your freedom from addiction.

DSM-5 Criteria for Alcohol Use Disorder

What to expect while in rehab for alcohol addiction

Entering rehab for alcohol addiction can be a frightening experience, no doubt. However, it’s also the first step towards reclaiming a life that may have felt lost and overwhelmed by addiction. 

During rehabilitation, clients will receive evidence-based treatment tailored to their needs provided by trained professionals with compassion and expertise. Depending on the program chosen, individual counseling sessions and group meetings with fellow clients can provide insightful feedback from peers and create an environment of mutual support. 

Therapy modalities may include cognitive-behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, contingency management, motivational interviewing, family systems therapy, and more. Despite the difficulties of overcoming alcohol addiction, compassionate staff can provide personalized care catered to your needs in a program!

What to expect in alcohol detox

Detox is the first step on the road to recovery from alcohol addiction. During this process, individuals will be monitored by a medical team to ensure that withdrawal symptoms are managed safely and effectively. 

Detox can last between 5-14 days, depending on the severity of the individual’s dependency, though it may take more or less time in some cases. 

Common symptoms of alcohol detox include anxiety, nausea, insomnia, fever, and sweating. It is essential to remember that detox is not a cure for alcoholism and should be followed by an intensive rehabilitation program.

Detox should always be followed up by an inpatient, residential, or outpatient treatment program

How to find the right alcohol rehab facility in Scottsdale, Arizona

Finding the right alcohol rehab facility in Arizona can be challenging, but it is important. It’s vital to find a program that meets your individual needs and provides the care and support you need to move away from alcohol dependence successfully. 

Look for facilities that provide specialized care tailored to you, such as evidence-based treatment programs, supportive staff, and comfortable accommodations. Consider options that offer short-term or long-term residential services depending on the severity of your condition. 

Take time to explore different options and consider stress relief activities like yoga, acupuncture, or massage therapy, which may help you relax as you progress through recovery. Keep in mind that this process can be stressful, finding the right facility can improve your life.

The importance of aftercare following rehab

Rehab can be difficult and intensive, but it’s only the first recovery step. Aftercare is just as important to ensure lasting sobriety. Aftercare could include support programs such as continued therapy sessions, group counseling, or practices that help maintain positive lifestyle changes, such as yoga and meditation

Long-term sobriety requires being proactive and taking steps to protect one’s mental health and wellness so that there is no relapse into addictive behaviors.

 Additionally, aftercare can bring much-needed comfort and accountability in the early days of recovery when feelings of loneliness may be intense. Ultimately, aftercare should provide individuals with a strong foundation for free living, free from addiction.

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, know you’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from this disease, but millions more have gone through rehab and become stronger and healthier. 

If you’re considering going to rehab, understand that it is a major financial and emotional commitment. But it is also an investment in your future and your ability to live a happy, healthy life. Finding the right facility is essential to your success in rehab, so take your time and research. 

And finally, don’t forget aftercare! After you leave rehab, you still need to take steps to maintain your sobriety and continue on the path to recovery. With hard work and dedication, anyone can overcome addiction – even you.

Get help for alcohol addiction

We are Cornerstone Healing Center, an alcohol rehab in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are dedicated to providing individuals suffering from addiction with the highest quality of care. 

Our compassionate and experienced team provides a comprehensive treatment approach tailored to each individual’s needs. We understand how difficult it can be to break free from alcohol addiction, so we provide a safe and supportive environment where clients can heal and recover. 

Our team offers evidence-based treatment programs that use proven methods to help individuals achieve sobriety and aftercare support for lasting recovery. Contact Cornerstone today if you’re ready to take the first step toward a healthier future. We are here to help.

Published: 12/19/2022

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