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Susana Spiegel

Recovery Writer & Advocate


2021: Grand Canyon University, College of Theology,  Bachelor in Christian Studies


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About Susana

Susana Spiegel, is 35-year-old with an 8-year personal journey of recovery under her belt, Susana is fervently dedicated to writing treatment content bringing awareness to topics close to her heart, particularly within the healthcare sector with a focus on treatment. 

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies from Grand Canyon University, a background that instills a sense of compassion and understanding in her professional endeavors. The healthcare and treatment realm not only aligns with her personal experiences but also serves as an outlet for her to provide support and guidance through well-crafted content.

The proud mom of five balances her bustling family life with her growing career in SEO. Through her skill in content strategy and optimization, she ensures that crucial information regarding treatment and recovery reaches those who need it most.

Susana’s mission extends beyond just words on a page; it’s about fostering an environment of awareness, support, and understanding for individuals on their road to recovery. Through her insightful and accessible writing, she continues to make a meaningful impact, one piece at a time.

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