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We offer a variety of online DUI classes for the state of Arizona, including 36 Hour DUI Classes, Alcohol Assessments, and DUI assessments, for those facing DUI charges. Ready to start the process? We are here for you.

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Our 36 Hour Online class is self-paced, affordable, and more importantly, a high-quality curriculum crafted together by expert mental health professionals. Our classes can be taken from almost any device and are simple, convenient, and come with a low-cost guarantee.

No matter how you’ve found yourself in the situation of needing to take a DUI education class, you can use this situation to better your knowledge and make better decisions.

Our course reviews the risks of drinking and driving, explores common myths about alcohol, examines the legal implications of impaired driving, provides helpful strategies to avoid drinking and driving, further DUI convictions, and more. 

We understand how stressful getting a DUI can be and it’s our goal to help you meet court and MVD requirements successfully.

What you will learn in our 36 hour Online DUI Class

Level 1 Alcohol and Drug Awareness Education

Effects of Alcohol and Drugs on the Brain
Detailed exploration of how drug and alcohol abuse affects the brain, including physical and mental impacts.
Understanding Addiction
A comprehensive view of addiction, including disease versus choice, personal stories like “A day in the life of a heroin addict,” and insights from Brandon Novak’s story. Focus on recognizing and addressing addiction.
Self-Awareness and Addiction Identification
Exercises and discussions on self-awareness and reflection, including the Johari Window Model, the Substance Dependence Criteria worksheet, and perspectives from Joe Rogan, James Hetfield, and others on getting sober and recognizing addiction.
Rethinking Addiction and Early Sobriety
Challenging conventional thoughts on addiction and providing guidance for early sobriety, including tips from Jordan Peterson & Russell Brand.
Mindfulness and Meditation
Introduction to mindfulness, paying attention, guided meditation, mindful exercises, debunking meditation myths, and fostering unwavering focus. Includes downloadable assignments and video content from Dandapani and others.
Leadership and Lifestyle Changes
Analysis of leadership in relation to addiction, personal development, interpersonal style, and the physical effects of stopping alcohol consumption. Focus on building a healthier lifestyle.
Closing Thoughts and Resources

Final insights, reflections, and resources provided for further learning and support.

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36-hour online DUI class FAQ

If a judge and/or the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division says that you must take a 36-hour DUI class, you will receive 20 hours of treatment and 16 hours of education. This means that you committed a Level 1 offense and have now become mandated to complete a 36-hour. We understand that while you may have committed 2 or more alcohol or drug abuse-related offenses, you are looking for help to recover from your substance abuse disorder. We are here to help you! If your BAC at the time of the DUI was 0.15 or higher, and you met 3 of 12 extenuating conditions, then this is the reason that you have been mandated a 36-hour class for extensive treatment and education. We will go over what to expect at a 36-hour DUI class as it is structured a little differently than other classes, where to find a 36-hour treatment and education course, and how you can seek a free consultation from Cornerstone Healing Center.

We offer the 36-hour DUI class as group therapy sessions, you also have the option to complete online modules if the group therapy sessions do not fit into your schedule or you are uncomfortable with this type of recovery method.

Cornerstone DUI is your go-to solution for online DUI classes. We have a variety of options for you to complete the class requirements while being able to go about your daily schedule without much interruption in your usual routine.

We are here to help you overcome your DUI charges and learn more responsible ways of living.

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