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Cornerstone DUI offers alcohol screenings given by a licensed, certified counselor. Our screenings are fully online, and we can help anyone who has received a DUI charge in Arizona.

Alcohol screenings are required by law in the State of Arizona post DUI charge. Our primary goal is to ensure your Arizona DUI screening experience is smooth and adheres to the state’s court-ordered requirements.

At Cornerstone DUI, we are a recognized Arizona court and ADOT screening provider uniquely equipped to guide you through the aftermath of a DUI charge. We aim to provide a user-friendly and convenient experience by offering a fully online alcohol screening. Recognizing the importance of privacy and comfort, our screening for DUI is structured to allow completion from the comfort of your home or any other preferred setting.

Throughout your journey with us, expect unwavering support and expert guidance, ensuring a process that’s as seamless and stress-free as possible.

What does an alcohol screening consist of?

An alcohol screening becomes a crucial step in assessing an individual’s relationship with alcohol. An alcohol screening consists of an interview and a questionnaire designed to understand the individual’s alcohol use. You will respond to questions regarding drinking behaviors, including frequency, quantity, and any resulting negative consequences. The main goal is to assess the needed level of DUI education.

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The purpose of an Alcohol Screening

There are multiple reasons that completing an alcohol screening at Cornerstone is beneficial. We offer the convenience of online screenings to help you meet Arizona court requirements quickly.


Assess Use

DUI alcohol screenings analyze an individual’s drinking habits, focusing on frequency and quantity, to detect signs of potential alcohol use disorders or related concerns.​


Determine Needs

Screening results help the court decide on the appropriate alcohol education, counseling, or advanced substance treatment, ensuring sentences match individual needs.


Prevent Repeats

Alcohol screenings play a pivotal role in preventing future DUI offenses by guiding appropriate interventions, education, or treatment, thus minimizing the chance of repeat incidents.​


Meet Court Requirements

Following a DUI offense, many courts require that the offender undergo a court-ordered screening. The results can influence the penalties, such as fines, probation, or even jail time.​


Protect Public Safety

By identifying individuals with problematic alcohol use and referring them to suitable treatment, screenings can help reduce DUI offenses, making safer roads for everyone.

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A Stress-Free DUI Screening Process

Cornerstone DUI, a trusted in Arizona DUI Alcohol Screenings and Classes, is dedicated to offering court-approved and user-friendly online Arizona DUI services. Recognizing the challenges post-DUI, we’ve developed platforms that are both ADOT-compliant and designed for simplicity. Our emphasis on a secure and confidential process ensures you can take the drug and alcohol screening for DUI from the comfort of your home. We aim to help you seamlessly fit your DUI requirements into your routine, making it as stress-free as possible.

The Benefits of an Alcohol Screening

An alcohol screening following a DUI offers invaluable insights into an individual’s drinking patterns, shedding light on potential risks or harmful behaviors. By understanding these patterns, individuals are better equipped to address their relationship with alcohol, ensuring they make informed decisions moving forward. This proactive approach can help reduce the likelihood of subsequent DUI incidents, fostering a safer driving environment.

Furthermore, a DUI-related alcohol screening can streamline the legal process, demonstrating an individual’s commitment to addressing the root causes of their DUI incident. The personalized feedback from these screenings can guide individuals towards appropriate educational programs or interventions, ensuring they receive the proper support tailored to their needs.

Choosing our court-approved services ensures a smooth completion of your court-ordered duties with the utmost convenience, providing you with peace of mind and control throughout the process.


DUI screenings play a crucial role in promoting recovery and preventing future offenses. By identifying possible risks related to your alcohol use, the screening helps create a tailored DUI education plan that directly addresses these issues.

By opting for our online alcohol screening services, you’re taking an important first step toward understanding and managing your relationship with alcohol. Let us assist you in taking this crucial step and take a proactive approach towards shaping your future.

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We provide court approved alcohol screenings that are fully online for those who have received a DUI in Arizona. 

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dui and alcohol screenings faq

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about alcohol and DUI screenings.

Taking an alcohol screening after a DUI serves multiple purposes, both for the individual involved and the broader community:

  1. Legal Requirement: In many jurisdictions, an alcohol screening is mandated by law after a DUI arrest. The results often play a crucial role in subsequent legal proceedings, determining penalties, education requirements, or treatment recommendations.
  2. Assessing Alcohol Use Patterns: The screening evaluates the extent and nature of an individual’s alcohol consumption. It helps identify if there’s a pattern of excessive or problematic drinking that could lead to future issues or risks.
  3. Tailored Interventions: Based on the results, appropriate recommendations can be made. These might range from attending alcohol education classes to more intensive treatment programs, depending on the individual’s needs.
  4. Public Safety: By addressing potential alcohol misuse early on, the screening aims to reduce the risk of future DUI incidents and ensure safer roads for everyone.
  5. Personal Insight: The process can offer individuals a better understanding of their relationship with alcohol. For some, it might be an opportunity to reflect on their drinking habits and consider possible changes.
  6. Reduced Recidivism: Studies have shown that those who undergo screenings and follow through with recommended interventions are less likely to reoffend. This benefits not only the individual but the community as a whole.
  7. Legal Compliance and Driving Privileges: Completing the required screening and any subsequent recommendations can be a condition for reinstating driving privileges or reducing legal penalties.

In essence, an alcohol screening after a DUI serves as both a preventive and corrective measure, aiming to support the individual and promote public safety.

An alcohol screening, especially in the context of a DUI, is a systematic evaluation designed to identify potential problematic drinking behaviors.

It typically involves a set of questions regarding the individual’s drinking patterns, frequency, quantity, and any adverse consequences of alcohol consumption. The goal is to understand one’s relationship with alcohol better.

The information gathered can then be used to determine the amount of DUI education needed for an individual person to meet court requirements.

DUI Alcohol Screening Process:

1. Call and Consultation: Reach out to us to speak with a dedicated DUI specialist who can provide initial guidance and clarify any questions you may have.

2. Registration and Verification: Begin the official process by registering your details. We’ll verify your information to ensure accuracy and compliance.

3. Completing the Screening Questionnaire: You’ll be guided through the screening questions to evaluate your alcohol intake patterns and behaviors.

4. Obtaining the Screening Results and Recommendation Report: After completing the questionnaire, your results will be analyzed, and a detailed report will be generated, providing insights and recommendations based on your responses.

Remember, our goal is to support and guide you every step of the way, ensuring you navigate the DUI screening and education process with clarity and confidence.

Cornerstone DUI’s alcohol screenings can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour, but most of the time, you can expect to spend 15-30 minutes where you’re answering questions with a certified Arizona therapist.

To ensure a smooth and efficient alcohol screening experience, please follow these steps:

1. Device Setup: Ensure you have a reliable device with a stable internet connection, preferably a laptop or tablet. Ensure the device’s microphone and camera are functional if the session requires real-time interaction.

2. Quiet Environment: Choose a quiet and comfortable location free from interruptions, ensuring you can focus entirely on the screening.

3. Documentation: If you have any relevant documents or records pertinent to the screening, have them on hand. This may not always be necessary, but it can be helpful.

4. Note-taking: Keep a pen and notepad nearby. As you progress through the screening, jotting down any thoughts, questions, or observations can be invaluable for follow-up discussions or personal reflections.

5. Mindset: Approach the screening with an open and honest attitude. Your genuine responses will provide the most accurate assessment, guiding any necessary subsequent steps.

Remember, our goal is to support you throughout this process. Preparing adequately ensures the screening is productive and beneficial for you.

We utilize the Brief Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST) to conduct our screenings. This recognized and widely-used tool helps accurately assess an individual’s drinking behaviors and potential risks associated with alcohol use.

The Brief Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST) is a shortened version of the original Michigan Alcohol Screening Test. Developed to identify and assess potential alcohol-related problems, the MAST is one of the oldest and most accurate alcohol screening tools available.

The Brief MAST simplifies the screening process while retaining its efficacy. It comprises a set of questions that delve into an individual’s drinking behaviors, experiences, and the potential consequences of their alcohol consumption. Subjects are asked about the frequency of their drinking, any negative personal or social repercussions, and their history of alcohol-related incidents.

The purpose of these questions is to gauge the severity of any alcohol-related problems. Responses are then scored, and based on the total score, recommendations can be made regarding the need for further assessment, intervention, or treatment.

The advantage of the Brief MAST is its efficiency. By focusing on the most crucial and telling questions from the original MAST, it offers a quick yet comprehensive look into an individual’s relationship with alcohol. This makes it an ideal tool for environments or situations where time might be limited, but a reliable assessment is still needed, such as DUI screenings.

It’s worth noting that while the Brief MAST is a powerful screening tool, it is not, by itself, a diagnostic tool. Instead, it helps therapists determine the level of DUI education needed.

The Single Alcohol Screening Questionnaire (SASQ) is a simplified alcohol screening tool that aims to identify individuals with hazardous or harmful drinking patterns quickly.

The AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test) is a comprehensive alcohol screening tool developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to identify individuals at risk for alcohol-related problems or disorders.

The tool is designed to detect both early and chronic problematic drinking patterns, making it a versatile instrument for various settings.

The AUDIT comprises 10 questions that explore three key areas:

1. Alcohol Consumption: Questions focus on the frequency, quantity, and patterns of alcohol intake.
2. Dependence Symptoms: These questions delve into the potential physical and psychological dependence on alcohol.
3. Harmful Alcohol Use: This section assesses the negative personal and social consequences of alcohol consumption.

Each question in the AUDIT has a set of responses that are scored on a scale. Once all questions are answered, the scores are totaled to give an overall score.

Based on this total score, recommendations can be made regarding the individual’s drinking patterns, ranging from low-risk drinking to possible alcohol dependence.

One of the strengths of the AUDIT is its cross-cultural applicability.

Since the WHO developed it, it has been validated in multiple countries and diverse settings, making it a globally recognized and reliable tool.

Another benefit is its thoroughness. While it takes longer to administer than some shorter screening tools, the AUDIT provides a comprehensive overview of an individual’s relationship with alcohol.

This makes it particularly valuable for healthcare professionals, counselors, and others who need a detailed understanding of a person’s drinking habits and potential risks.

However, it’s important to note that while the AUDIT is an effective screening tool, it is not a diagnostic tool alone.

If results indicate potential problematic drinking, a more in-depth assessment or appropriate intervention may be recommended.

Cornerstone DUI does not use the AUDIT Alcohol Screening tool, we use a brief version of the Michigan Alcohol Screening Tool. 

The number of class hours assigned after an alcohol screening is based on the responses given during the evaluation, aiming to provide an appropriate level of education and intervention tailored to the individual’s needs. Several factors influence this decision:

1. Severity of Alcohol Involvement: The results might indicate a more profound or complex relationship with alcohol than one might realize, suggesting a higher level of education is beneficial.

2. Past Incidents: If there’s a history of prior DUIs or other alcohol-related incidents, it may warrant more extensive education or intervention to address and prevent recurrence.

3. Safety Concerns: The primary objective of the classes is to promote safety—for both the individual and the broader community. More class hours might be seen as a proactive measure to ensure comprehensive understanding and behavioral change.

4. Arizona State or Court Mandates: We follow the Arizona guidelines. There are set minimums or guidelines in the state of Arizona for educational hours based on the questions you answered.

Viewing the assigned class hours as an opportunity for growth, understanding, and positive change rather than a punitive measure is essential. These courses are designed to equip you with knowledge and tools to make informed decisions in the future. If you have concerns or questions about your assignment, discussing them with the screening provider or counselor for clarification is recommended.

If you don’t agree with the results of your screening, it’s understandable to seek clarification or reconsideration. However, retaking the screening or appealing the results is rare. This typically only occurs when there’s a discrepancy in the originally reported Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) reported and the actual BAC results (which sometimes come back later).

You can select the facility or online platform where you’d like to take your DUI classes. Making an informed decision that aligns with your needs and circumstances is essential.

We at Cornerstone DUI are proud to offer the cheapest online DUI classes in Arizona. Plus, the convenience of our online courses allows you to complete them at your own pace and in the comfort of your own space.

Plus, our classes are MVD, ADOT, and Arizona Court Approved!


Our DUI specialists are here to explain the screening process, answer any questions you may have, and ensure you’re enrolling in the right courses to satisfy your DUI requirements.

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