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We offer convenient court-approved Arizona DUI Services. Our assessments and classes are done remotely and fully online through our DUI education portal. 

We serve Arizona and many other states that allow self-paced online DUI education.

We electronically notify the courts upon completion to help ensure you’ve met all the requirements for your DUI case. Getting started is simple, and we take the stress out of meeting your court requirements. 

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DUI Screening Assessment

Our low-cost DUI assessments are convenient, usually taking about 30 minutes over Zoom, and done by an Arizona licensed clinical therapist. You will only get assigned the DUI courses you need based on your alcohol usage history and other information about your DUI case. This is the starting point for our Arizona DUI services! If you’ve got an assessment somewhere else, you will likely skip this step and move on to your recommended DUI class. 


Our online DUI classes are state approved, MVD-approved, and court-approved. 

We provide an accessible and flexible learning experience.

 Leveraging the convenience of digital technology, participants can engage with these courses at their own pace, from the comfort of their home. 

Our courses cover various topics, including the legal and personal implications of DUI, the risks and effects of alcohol and drug misuse, and strategies for avoiding impaired driving in the future. 

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By submitting this form, you consent to our staff reaching out to you via telephone or email.