The Effects of Trauma on Men

Trauma may be a difficult topic for men to talk about. Feelings of shame and guilt may surround them. Society expects men to be “tough,” but these expectations can cause men to ignore or diminish the trauma in their lives. However, traumatic events cause emotional, physical, cognitive, and behavioral effects. Later in life, these experiences […]

You Can Come Back From Relapse

you can come back from relapse

Rehabilitation marks a significant milestone in your journey towards a sober life. It’s a time of intense learning, personal growth, and developing coping strategies.  However, the real challenge often begins post-rehab, where real-world scenarios test your resilience and commitment to sobriety. Understanding Relapse Triggers Triggers are specific situations, emotions, or people that can provoke cravings […]

Drug Abuse and Addiction Statistics

united states drug and alcohol addiction statistics

The American Society of Addiction Medicine defines addiction as a “primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry.” As with other diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, the causes are a combination of genetic, environmental, and behavioral factors. If you’re seeking addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one — or […]