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TriWest Drug Rehab Coverage

Cornerstone is honored to serve as an in-network TriWest drug rehab facility in Arizona. Our state-of-the-art centers are strategically located in Scottsdale and Phoenix, providing a comprehensive range of services such as:

Residential Treatment
Partial Hospitalization
Intensive Outpatient Program
Outpatient Programs

We take a holistic approach to addiction treatment, focusing on mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Our facilities feature high-end amenities, all situated within the awe-inspiring landscapes of Arizona’s desert.

We accept TriWest Health Insurance

Cornerstone Healing Center is approved to work with TriWest insurance, making it easier for you to start your recovery journey.

Being in-network with TriWest simplifies things for military personnel and their families seeking treatment. This means you can quickly get the care you need, whether that’s residential, partial hospitalization, or outpatient services. We’ll work closely with TriWest to make sure financial concerns don’t distract you from your recovery.

We understand how hard it can be to overcome addiction, especially for those in the military who face unique challenges. 

At Cornerstone, we’re dedicated to offering personalized, scientifically-backed treatments to help you achieve long-term recovery and take back control of your life. With the added benefit of insurance coverage through TriWest, your path to recovery is now more accessible.

TriWest Health Insurance

Founded in 1996, TriWest Healthcare Alliance focuses solely on providing health care for the U.S. military and veterans. Since its start, TriWest has been committed to giving these communities easy and affordable access to the health care they’ve earned.

About TriWest drug rehab coverage

The expense of treating addiction can make it hard to get the help you need but with TriWest insurance, getting treatment becomes more budget-friendly and accessible.

People in the military often deal with special kinds of stress and challenges that make them more likely to struggle with substance abuse. This can be due to the demands of their job, the stress of being deployed, or the tough shift back to civilian life.

TriWest recognizes these extra risks and offers strong health insurance options to help military personnel and their families manage better.

In doing this, TriWest plays a key role in boosting the overall health and well-being of those who serve our country, ensuring they get the specialized care they deserve.

Alumni Client Family Testimonial

“I feel like Cornerstone gave him all the right tools. He knew how to do it. It was something we could have never done. I just could totally see kind of a personality change in him of wanting, and knowing, that he could achieve and do higher things and greater things. That has to be the people (at Cornerstone).”

Nicole A. - Mother of a Cornerstone Alumni

TriWest Covered Drug Rehab Programs

TriWest plans accommodate our residential treatment options, ensuring clients experience quality care in a nurturing, home-like setting.

Coverage also includes our partial hospitalization program, designed for individuals transitioning from residential care.

TriWest covers our Intensive Outpatient Program, the next stage of care, offering intensive curriculum and programming.

Cornerstone's Clinical Team

lionel estrada LISAC headshot clinical director scottsdale

Lionel Estrada, LISAC

Clinical Director of Scottsdale Program

Lionel is a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC) with over 4 years at Cornerstone. Passionate about helping those with addiction and mental health struggles, and he has trained as an EMDR therapist, adopting a trauma-informed approach to find and treat underlying root causes with empathy. 

nate bush lmsw headshot clinical lead scottsdale

Nate Bush, LCSW

Clinical Director of Phoenix Program

Nate began his recovery journey in 2010 and earned a Master’s in Social Work from ASU. He’s been in the Behavioral Health field since 2013. Specializing in CBT, DBT, and grief, Nate is now the Clinical Director of our Phoenix program, underlined by his passion for helping others who struggled with substance abuse issues as he did. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about TriWest Drug Rehab

What types of drug rehab programs does TriWest Health cover?
TriWest offers a wide range of coverage options to help people who are dealing with substance abuse issues. The focus is on getting you the medical help you need right away and helping you achieve a full and lasting recovery. Here’s what TriWest covers:

Emergency and Planned Inpatient Services

TriWest covers both emergency and non-emergency stays in the hospital. This ensures you get the help you need without any unnecessary delays.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

If you need close monitoring but don’t need to be in the hospital 24/7, TriWest covers Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs). These programs usually include group therapy, one-on-one counseling, and other structured activities to help you recover.

Detox Services

Withdrawal symptoms can make overcoming addiction really tough. TriWest makes it easier by covering detox services that help you manage these symptoms safely under medical supervision.

Mental Health Services

TriWest knows that addiction often goes hand-in-hand with other mental health issues. That’s why they also cover different kinds of mental health treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychotherapy.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) are a step between full-time hospital care and outpatient services. TriWest covers these programs, which allow for intense treatment without requiring an overnight hospital stay.

Residential Treatment Programs

For those who need around-the-clock care in a residential setting, TriWest covers these types of programs too. These usually include medical supervision, therapy sessions, and community support. With so many treatment options covered, TriWest gives a complete approach to tackling substance abuse, making sure military members and their families find a recovery path that suits them.
Will TriWest cover my stay in drug rehab?
TriWest is committed to offering comprehensive healthcare support, including coverage for substance abuse treatments deemed medically necessary by healthcare professionals.

If it’s determined by a simple questionnaire that you need treatment to recover from addiction, your TriWest insurance is designed to cover the costs associated with various levels of care.

However, the extent of this coverage can vary depending on your specific TriWest plan. That’s why it’s a good idea to closely examine your policy or consult a knowledgeable representative to understand what’s covered and what’s not. If you’re considering treatment at Cornerstone, our admissions team specializes in working with TriWest insurance. They can review your plan’s details and help you understand how much of your treatment would be covered and whether you would have any out-of-pocket costs. To make the process as smooth as possible, we offer an insurance verification that swiftly determines what your policy covers. This way, there are no surprises, and you can focus on what’s truly important: your path to recovery. So, while insurance matters can often be confusing, know that both TriWest and Cornerstone are here to support you every step of the way. We aim to remove financial barriers and uncertainties so you can embark on your recovery journey with peace of mind.
How do I determine my policy coverage?
Contacting us for an insurance verification is the most direct way to determine what your policy covers. This service involves our specialized team contacting TriWest on your behalf to confirm the particulars of your plan.

We’ll decode the insurance jargon and let you know in clear terms what types of treatments are covered, how long you can stay, and if there will be any out-of-pocket costs for you.

If you prefer to do some initial legwork yourself, you can also consult your TriWest policy documents. These often contain sections that lay out coverage for medical treatments, including substance abuse and mental health services.

Keep an eye out for terms like “covered services,” “benefits,” or “healthcare services” to get a sense of what might be included.

Whether you decide to contact us for verification or look into your plan’s specifics, our team is always available to answer any lingering questions. We aim to make the process seamless so you can focus on your recovery without added stress.

We understand that insurance details can be complex, but we’re committed to providing clear and accurate information, giving you the confidence to proceed with treatment.
Will TriWest pay for rehab more than once?
If you’re concerned about needing multiple stays in rehab, it’s good to know that TriWest insurance generally allows for this as long as each treatment is considered medically necessary. While nobody plans on multiple treatment episodes, addiction is often a chronic condition that may require ongoing care.

Keeping a few things in mind when using your TriWest insurance for more than one rehab stay is crucial. First, you’ll need to check the specifics of your policy to see if there are any limitations on the number of treatments you can undergo or any time restrictions between treatments.

While TriWest generally supports ongoing care, insurance policies can differ in their particulars. For the most accurate and personalized information, we recommend consulting with TriWest directly or allowing our admissions team to verify your insurance coverage. By doing so, you’ll clearly understand what your plan covers, how many treatment episodes are included, and whether you should be aware of any out-of-pocket costs.

So, yes, you can absolutely utilize your TriWest insurance multiple times for rehab if it’s medically necessary.

This flexibility helps ensure you have the coverage you need to fully engage in your recovery journey, no matter how long it takes. Always remember to verify the specifics of your policy to make informed decisions.
Are there any limits on types of addiction treatment TriWest will pay for?
TriWest insurance offers broad coverage for many types of substance abuse treatments, supporting various approaches to recovery. This typically includes established and evidence-based treatments like inpatient care, outpatient programs, detox services, and behavioral therapies.

However, it’s essential to understand that while TriWest has a comprehensive approach to treating addiction, there may be some limitations. For example, experimental or less conventional treatments—such as specific holistic therapies or newer, non-FDA-approved medications—may not be covered by your policy.

So, what should you do to navigate these limitations? The most effective strategy is to get the specifics before treatment begins. You can do this by consulting directly with TriWest to confirm what treatments are covered under your policy.

Alternatively, our admissions team at Cornerstone can assist you in verifying your insurance coverage, helping to ensure that you’re making choices that align with your medical needs and insurance benefits. By being proactive and checking your coverage details, you can enter treatment with a clearer mind, free from the stress of unexpected financial commitments. Knowing what your insurance covers will let you focus on what’s most important: your path to recovery.
How soon can I get into rehab with TriWest coverage?
Understanding that time is of the essence when it comes to addiction treatment, we’ve streamlined our admissions process to get you into the right program as quickly as possible.

After confirming that your TriWest insurance is active and determining what treatments it covers, we move swiftly to set your recovery journey in motion. Our team will work closely with TriWest to handle all the necessary paperwork and approvals, cutting through the red tape for you.

We aim to minimize waiting periods so that you can begin your treatment promptly, often in just a matter of days or even hours, depending on the situation. With TriWest’s coverage and our expedited admissions process, you won’t have to put your life on hold while waiting for treatment. Instead, you’ll be able to start your path to recovery sooner than you might have thought possible. This swift action can be crucial, especially in cases where immediate intervention is needed.

In short, once your TriWest insurance coverage is verified, you can rest easy knowing that your road to recovery will be as smooth and timely as possible.

Still have questions about treatment?

Our admissions specialists are here to explain the process, answer any questions you may have, and ensure you’re getting the help you need to live a healthy life free from addiction.

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