Rebuilding Relationships After Addiction

our relationships after treatment

After making it through treatment, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebuild various parts of your life. One of the areas that might benefit the most from healing is your interpersonal relationships.

The Role of Ego in Addiction: Understanding the Complex Relationship


Ego, in the context of psychology and self-perception, refers to the conscious, decision-making part of the mind that mediates between the desires of the id and the realities of the external world. Addiction, on the other hand, is a complex and multifaceted condition that affects individuals on physical, psychological, and emotional levels. While the causes […]

From Teen Addict To Founder Of Treatment Center

addiction podcast Podcast Transcription Speaker 1: This podcast is sponsored by Cornerstone Healing Center, which guides people through a transformative experience and into lasting recovery. They focus on addiction, trauma, family systems, and co-occurring disorders. If you want more information on how to get sober, call them at 1-888-320-7992. Or check out their website, Brandon […]

The Spiritual Transformation of Recovery


If you’ve looked into Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or other 12-Step programs, you will likely notice God’s recurring role throughout its messaging. The “God word” can scare many people away from recovery fellowships, especially from 12-Step programs, which it features most prominently.  It’s important to realize that “God” means different things to different people. For the […]

Addiction: When Love Isn’t Enough


There are no two ways about it: love is one of the strongest forces in the world. It can often be intertwined with lasting happiness in life and is, without a doubt, one of the most special things we can give and receive in our short time on Earth. Love plays such a central role […]

Don’t Go It Alone: The Importance of Fellowship and Sponsorship in Recovery


We are, as humans, a social species. No matter how self-sufficient you are, history shows that we benefit from spending time with like-minded peers who share our goals and values. Fellowship and sponsorship are two foundational components of your road to getting sober, staying sober, and living a life that you feel good about in sobriety. […]

Battling Addiction During a Pandemic

Watch Cornerstone’s CEO Estil Wallace discuss the pandemic with a reporter from Vice. Porter II: There’s a couple different industries that’s pandemic proof and drugs is one of them. That’s never going to stop. Estil Wallace: The numbers of overdose and death are astronomical. We’re going to look back on 2020, we as a […]

I Think My Son Is Using Heroin


If you’re worried that your son may be using heroin or other opiates, you have good reason to take the concern seriously.  Research has documented that misuse of prescription opioids among youths can lead to alcohol and other illicit drugs, suicidal ideation, violence, delinquency, not using condoms, increased risk for acquiring HIV and sexually transmitted […]

What Is Evidence-Based Treatment?


When considering your options for treatment plans, you may be amazed at how many different approaches there are to recovery. Some lean more to the holistic side, some give medication a more prominent role, and some emphasize the importance of a healthy social support system. There’s no one right approach for any one person; ultimately, […]

How Meditation Helps Addiction Recovery [Guide]

Meditation is about practicing awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. The act of meditating is simple and can benefit day-to-day happiness. We can improve our overall well-being by practicing meditation every day, even for a short amount of time. Meditation connects to spirituality, an essential aspect of recovery, especially in 12-Step programs like Alcoholics […]