Operation Safe Driver Week: Preventing DUI and Promoting Safe Driving

operation safe driver

Shift your gears to safety as we mark Operation Safe Driver Week (July 9-15) – an annual initiative that puts the pedal to the metal in promoting better-driving behaviors. This significant week aims to reduce deaths and injuries from traffic crashes, highlighting the importance of adhering to traffic rules and driving responsibly. With a special […]

Extreme DUI in Arizona

extreme dui arizona

Getting an Extreme DUI in Arizona is a serious offense. In this guide, we discuss the reality of these charges and what you can do.

Are DUIs Felonies?

are duis felonies

You drank just a tad too much alcohol at that party and decided to drive home rather than call an Uber or have a trusted friend or family member escort you home. Now an officer has pulled you over and given you a drunk driving offense. What’s next? Are DUIs classified as felonies? A DUI […]