How Long Does Fentanyl Stay in your System

If you’ve found yourself addicted to fentanyl, you’re probably wondering how long fentanyl stays in your system. Here we give you answers along with resources to guide you towards recovery.

The Conversional Concept of Hitting Rock Bottom in Addiction

hitting rock bottom in addiction the gift of desperation

The idea of “hitting rock bottom” can be pretty controversial among the recovery community, as well as mental health experts. But sometimes it’s undoubtedly true that “rock bottom” in addiction can sometimes push someone to make a change.   The Concept of Rock Bottom If you’re familiar with addiction, you’re probably no stranger to the […]

Biden Administration Invests $450M towards Overdose Epidemic

the white house opioid epidemic

The Biden Administration has committed a considerable sum of $450 million to combat America’s overdose crisis, a significant step forward. This commitment is not just about money; it is a powerful declaration to tackle one of the most significant health issues in the United States. Dive in as we unpack this game-changing move and explore […]

Is It ‘Tranq’? How To Know If You Or A Loved One Is Using Xylazine

The misuse of Xylazine, also known as ‘Tranq,’ has become a growing concern for public health. Originally intended for veterinary medicine, humans are now using this drug for its sedative, anesthetic, and muscle-relaxing properties–often with dangerous consequences. As its misuse continues to rise, it’s crucial to recognize the signs and symptoms of Xylazine exposure or […]