Lionel Estrada, LISAC


Lionel Estrada, LISAC

Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor

Clinical Director of Substance Abuse

Lionel, a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC), has been a transformative force at Cornerstone for over five years. Starting as a Primary Therapist, his skills and dedication quickly led him to take on the role of Clinical Director.

Driven by his own experience with addiction, and his commitment to aid those affected by addiction, Lionel expanded his expertise through comprehensive training, becoming not only an accomplished EMDR therapist but also a Certified Clinical Trauma Therapist. His passion to understand the complexities of substance abuse beyond its surface issues has been a driving force in his career.

In his own words, “My understanding that drugs and alcohol are only fragments of a wider issue has catalyzed a profound change in my perspective, igniting a pursuit towards becoming trauma-informed in my approach. This enlightenment has allowed me to offer more holistic and comprehensive support to our most vulnerable fellow humans.”

Lionel’s innovative approach and boundless empathy makes him an invaluable asset to Cornerstone and to the lives of those he dedicates himself to serving.

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