October 25, 2022

Can I Take DUI Classes Online in Arizona?

Being charged with a DUI offense can be scary. Navigating the process of meeting court requirements can seem complicated. We answer the question "Can I take DUI classes in Arizona?" in depth.

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Table of Contents

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Can I take DUI classes online in Arizona? Being charged with a DUI offense can be scary. Navigating the process of meeting court requirements can seem complicated. 

We answer the question “Can I take DUI classes in Arizona?” in depth. 

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What Are DUI Classes and What Do They Entail?

DUI classes are educational courses for those who have committed a DUI misdemeanor or felony. 

They teach individuals in rehab the risks of falling into an addiction and how it affects them mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

Class members will also learn how it affects one’s lifestyle and what consequences are entailed by not turning around the addiction.

Judges will designate DUI classes as requirements for a DUI offender’s rehab period. 

These programs have a deeper meaning than satisfying court mandates. They will help class members truly think about their decisions before acting on them.

The DUI classes will discuss:

  • How to make better choices for more positive outcomes.
  • Methods for drinking responsibly.
  • The consequences of continually committing DUI offenses.
    • Revocation of your driver’s license.
    • Can cause the death of other motorists or your death if you get into a crash while driving while intoxicated.
    • More difficult to be accepted into a job.
    • Harder to keep personal relationships healthy.
  • Recognizing what triggers the substance or alcohol addiction.

DUI classes can range from 8 to 60 hours long, depending on what the judge mandates that you take to fulfill the consequences of your charge. 

If it is your first offense, you may take an eight-hour to sixteen-hour class. 

Say that the DUI offense resulted in a car crash whether a person was injured or killed or not, you will have to complete a longer DUI class duration.

Can You Take DUI Classes Online in Arizona?

Yes, you can take DUI classes online in Arizona in most cases. Suppose you cannot attend in-person DUI classes because of your work schedule not aligning with the rehab’s hours of operation or due to other responsibilities. In that case, you can alternatively enroll in a court-approved online DUI class. Rather than talking amongst a group of other people taking the class like what’s done during in-person instruction, you can take online DUI modules in your desired time frame. We offer the lowest prices if you’re interested in taking DUI classes. You can submit a contact form and start the process today. To test your understanding of the material, you must complete multiple-choice questions at the end of the modules to “pass” that specific portion of the course. If you fail any of the tests, you will have to retake the test until you receive a passing grade. In some cases, you may have to listen to the whole module again before retaking the test so that the rehab center knows you fully understand the module’s content before moving on to the next one.

How Much Do DUI Classes Cost?

DUI classes vary in cost depending on the rehab center you are attending, the course length, and what type of insurance coverage you have that can pay part of the costs for you. According to the DUI government website, DUI classes can range from $250 to $500.1 If you have committed subsequent offenses beyond the first, the DUI classes may be a higher charge because you had not learned the material fully from taking them the first time. Check with your local rehab to see the cost of online DUI classes. If you cannot pay the cost upfront, you may have to work out a payment plan based on your income.

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Who Offers DUI Classes?

Rehabilitation centers offer court-approved DUI classes for in-person and online instruction. 

They do so for addiction victims to have a fulfilling experience in undergoing the lifestyle changes they need to turn their lives around.

If you have trouble finding an approved facility to enroll in DUI classes, check your state website for more details. 

You can also conduct a Google search and call different rehab facilities to ask if they have court-approved DUI classes for you to take.

While one facility may have the approved classes, ensure they take your health insurance. 

It will not be any good to enroll in classes that you have to pay even more for if they do not accept your insurance.

What Are the Benefits of Taking DUI Classes?

There are many benefits of taking DUI classes. 

Lifestyle, career, personal relationships, and more will all improve when you take away something valuable from the mandated DUI classes.

This is what we meant earlier: taking these classes is more than satisfying a court mandate. 

Your life will ultimately benefit from taking DUI classes. 

Learning the course material can help you make better decisions for your lifestyle so that you can enjoy drinking without taking it over to the point that it could hurt others.

Plus, DUI classes can reduce how long your license is revoked. 

Ask the judge for more details on if the DUI classes you are taking will be able to shave some of the time off and how long your license is revoked.

When potential employers see that you have completed your classes and did not commit any more misdemeanors for several years, they will begin to trust you with a job. 

Some employers like to give people who have committed misdemeanors or crimes a second chance, especially as they show improvement as notable citizens of society.


[1] Alcohol Classes and DUI Schools

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