Portugal Drug Policy Faces Scrutiny Amid Rising Concerns

portugal drug policies

The nation is grappling with emerging challenges two decades after Portugal revolutionized its approach to drug policy, pioneering a decriminalization model that inspired similar efforts globally. Though the Portuguese model reduced HIV transmission rates, overdose deaths, and prison populations, urban centers like Porto now witness an alarming resurgence of visible drug use and related criminal […]

Beyond Addiction: The Journey of Finding Purpose in Recovery

Starting the journey toward recovery from addiction requires courage and transformation. Individuals work hard to regain control of their lives physically and emotionally. Finding a purpose becomes essential and empowering during this process, serving as a guiding light that illuminates the way forward. This article dives into the importance of discovering purpose during recovery, highlighting […]

Addressing Food Addiction in Early Recovery

food addiction in early recovery

  The journey to recovery from addiction often brings about many unexpected challenges, including the emergence of new addictive behaviors, such as food addiction. Just as a person might use drugs or alcohol to numb their feelings or deal with stress, they might also use food to cope, leading to a cycle of overeating and […]

Mindfulness in Addiction Treatment

mindfulness in addiction treatment

Did you know using mindful techniques can help individuals struggling with substance abuse and other addictions increase self-awareness, manage cravings, and reduce stress?

Developing a Unique Relationship with Spirituality in Recovery

woman in recovery meditating next

After treatment, you’ll find yourself restructuring your life from taking care of your body through eating healthy and exercising to working through your mental health struggles through therapy. However, sometimes there’s a third element missing that you might be apprehensive about tackling. Addiction destroys the mind, body, and spirit. You might have a disconnect when […]

The Spiritual Transformation of Recovery


If you’ve looked into Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or other 12-Step programs, you will likely notice God’s recurring role throughout its messaging. The “God word” can scare many people away from recovery fellowships, especially from 12-Step programs, which it features most prominently.  It’s important to realize that “God” means different things to different people. For the […]