October 20, 2023

Arizona Witnesses Slight Decline in DUI Arrests over Labor Day Weekend

See the data on 2023 Labor Day DUI arrests in Arizona. Dive into statistics, comparisons, and insights to understand efforts towards safer roads.


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Table of Contents

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Last Update on October 20, 2023

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In a refreshing change of events, Arizona saw a decline in the number of Labor Day DUI Arrests compared to figures from 2022.

In August, the Department of Public Safety announced maximum efforts to combat drivers driving under the influence on Labor day weekend1.

Data from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety2 reveals that arrests for suspicion of DUI dipped to 411, down from 471 in the previous year.

However, not all statistics were on the decline. The number of individuals cited for extreme DUI, indicating a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .15 or higher, witnessed a minor surge, rising to 89 from 82 in 2022.

Interestingly, while there was an uptick in extreme DUIs, the average BAC of those arrested over Labor Day weekend was 0.157, slightly below the 0.169 recorded in 2022. For context, the legal BAC limit in Arizona stands at 0.08.

When looking at overall traffic activities, a minor rise was noted. A total of 11,383 traffic stops occurred over the weekend, an increase from 11,251 stops in 2022.

2023 Labor Day DUI Statistics in Arizona

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety routinely shares statewide enforcement statistics after each holiday weekend. Here are some notable comparisons between this year and 2022:

  • DUI drug arrests saw a substantial decline, plummeting from 167 to 110.
  • Stops for sober designated drivers decreased from 550 to 314.
  • The Know Your Limit program3, aimed at enlightening drivers about the impact of drinks on BAC, witnessed a remarkable rise in contacts – soaring from 184 to an impressive 1,240.
  • DUI arrests for individuals under 21 years dipped from 19 to 14.
  • A slight increase was observed in officer participation in enforcement, with numbers increasing from 2,377 to 2,423.

A Move in the Right Direction

These statistics suggest that Arizona is taking strides in curbing DUIs, especially with the considerable decrease in overall arrests and a rise in Know Your Limit program contacts.

These numbers hint at a more informed and cautious driving community. Such positive trends emphasize the importance of continuous education and enforcement efforts to ensure safer roads for everyone.

Arizona DUI Education Services Classes and Screenings

While this data indicates progress, more work should always be done.

If you or someone you know needs guidance or education on DUIs, Cornerstone DUI Services offers various DUI education services, classes, and screenings.

It’s never too late to educate yourself or seek assistance. Let’s work together to make Arizona roads safer for all.


[1] AZDPS.gov

[2] GOH.AZ.gov

[3] Know Your Limit Program

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