How to Have a Sober Halloweekend

How to Have a Sober Halloweekend

Spooky season is on its way, and Halloween parties and activities are in full swing. However, adult parties can be a source of temptation. Whether you plan to watch horror movies or dance the night away, it’s important to keep your sobriety in mind. Here’s how to enjoy the holiday sober and without spirits. Searching for […]

When Everyone’s Drinking Except You

owning your past

Well, you found yourself at a get-together. Maybe it’s a wedding, and there’s an open bar, or a housewarming party and your friends brought drinks. You find yourself surrounded by beverages, and you feel like an outcast. No matter how considerate your friends and family might be about your recovery, at some point, you’ll find […]

Staying Strong When Nobody’s Watching

It’s one thing to stay sober when you’re surrounded by peers or have the one-on-one support of your sponsor to fall back on; it’s another thing entirely when you’re alone with your urges, and a dangerous opportunity arises. Maintaining your commitment in the presence of addictive cravings is a skill, and you can learn to […]

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms


Managing withdrawal symptoms is on the top of the list when it comes to concerns that come up when you’re trying to stop using drugs or alcohol.

Battling Temptation by Staying True to Your Ultimate Priorities

sticking to your priorities

No matter where the winding road of recovery takes you, your personal values and goals form the toolkit that will hold you in good stead. Temptation can appear from many angles and in many guises. No matter what the outside world throws at you, the most effective way to stay on track is to keep […]

10 Ways to Cope Without Drugs

coping without substances

In recovery, learning how to cope with negative emotions and situations is critical for long-term success. In this resource, we discuss 10 ways to cope.

When Your Partner Is Part of the Problem

my partner is using

Just because you’re in recovery doesn’t mean that your partner has to cut off their substance use for your relationship to succeed. Healthy relationships are built on a foundation of communication, trust, and respect; if you can achieve these things together, you can make any set of circumstances work. However, some people in recovery find […]

How I Escaped Rock Bottom: Marcus Clark

From Homeless Drug User to Saving Lives As COO Of A Valley Recovery Center Podcast Transcript Brandon Lee: Hey, everyone. It’s Brandon Lee, host of the podcast Escaping Rock Bottom. I am really excited to have this guest on the show today. His name is Marcus. He works over at Cornerstone Healing Center in […]