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How you can benefit greatly by integrating into the local 12 Step community

The 12 Step program is a series of steps that was created by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) more than 80 years ago. This program was designed to help those suffering from alcoholism overcome their addiction.

Since then, 12 Step programs have been adapted to help those suffering from a multitude of drug and alcohol addictions. They are found in programs such as Cocaine Anonymous (CA), Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA), Heroin Anonymous (HA), and Marijuana Anonymous (MA).

At Cornerstone Healing Center, we connect all our clients with a supportive 12 Step community. Clients at our Scottsdale treatment facilities participate in daily 12 Step meetings. By sharing personal experiences with peers and by hearing the personal stories of others, 12 Step participants get the support they need to find new and deeper connections with themselves, spirituality, and the world around them while becoming part of a life-changing community.

How does spirituality work in treatment?

The program has a significant spiritual component, though what higher power clients choose to identify with is up to them, and we have no religious affiliation.

A member of the group leads each 12 Step meeting. The meeting opens with a prayer or meditation. Each member introduces themselves. 

The meeting may focus on a specific reading from the 12 Step program, or there may be a presentation on a substance abuse topic. Members can share their challenges or experiences with the group, and the meeting closes with a prayer or meditation.

For many who go through a 12 Step program, they find that the practices in this program do more than help them overcome addiction. They also help participants live more meaningful lives.

Community support is so important in addiction treatment. 12 Step program participants at Cornerstone Healing Center attend meetings in a supportive, judgement-free environment.


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The 12 Step program is one core component of long-term recovery. At Cornerstone Healing Center Scottsdale rehab, clients will also participate in substance abuse treatment centers programs like:

  • One-on-one and group therapy
  • Fitness and nutrition training
  • Life-skills and relationship-building coaching
  • Meditation and yoga therapy

We also provide sober living options for clients who need or want them. Clients transitioning back to everyday life can also access our continuing care resources. Get help for a loved one or yourself if you need addiction treatment. 

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