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Nutritional therapy for addiction treatment and long-term recovery

The cycle of addiction is directly related to nutritional habits. Drug and alcohol substance abuse can lead to a lack of proper nutrition. A lack of proper nutrition can fuel relapse behavior.

Conversely, good nutritional habits are instrumental in addiction treatment and long-term recovery. At Cornerstone Healing Center’s Scottsdale treatment facility, we provide nutrition therapy. Clients learn how to make healthy nutritional choices that will aid them in overcoming addiction. A nutrition professional guides clients through how to create weekly menus with healthy meals.

These healthy nutrition habits can support those who want to live sober, thriving lifestyles now and in the future. Nutrition therapy complements our other wellness programs, including group and one-on-one therapy, fitness training, meditation and 12 Step meetings.

How nutrition affects addiction

When our bodies aren’t feeling their best and aren’t working at their optimal levels, it’s much more challenging to combat addiction. Research has shown nutritional deficiencies can lead to symptoms that increase chances of relapse, including depression, anxiety and low energy. Proper nutrition supports strong mental health, which is essential for addiction recovery.

One study on nutrition therapy with substance abuse treatment centers found nutrition therapy significantly improved 3-month sobriety success rates. The study confirmed that nutrition education plays a key role in addiction treatment and can improve recovery outcomes.

Benefits of nutrition therapy for long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction include:

Proper nutrition promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages self-care. Mindful eating and thoughtful nutritional choices promote healthy choices in other physical, mental and spiritual realms. Preparing and cooking foods is a healthy routine with various mind-body benefits.

Nutrition therapy can address health issues that addicts suffer from, including those caused by substance abuse. Sometimes addicts use substances to deal with pain or because they feel helpless due to other ailments. Good nutrition improves overall health. A healthy diet can also promote healing in the body from damage due to substance abuse, including liver damage, damage to gastrointestinal organs and dehydration.

Good nutritional habits can decrease substance cravings. Mental weak spots like a depressed or angry mood or anxiety can lead to substance cravings. Proper nutrition can reduce stress and improve mood. Nutrition enhances mental health, so cravings are diminished. 

Achieving better health through proper nutrition empowers clients to make healthy choices in all areas of life. Positive effects of better nutrition may include weight loss, lower blood pressure and even the reversal of certain health conditions, like type 2 diabetes. Outcomes like these enhance the recovery process.


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Cornerstone Healing Center takes a mind-body-spirit approach in our outpatient treatment center. The caring staff at our treatment center develops individualized treatment plans for each client to ensure their success. Teaching life-skills like how to shop for healthy ingredients and prepare them into delicious meals is a key part of addiction recovery. Learn more about all out addiction treatment programs.

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